A humidor that works is not just a nice box with a humidification device, though that’s often how they’re made, writes Rick Allyn. Maintaining 70% humidity is a balancing act that depends mostly on the wood you use and the tightness of the lid’s seal. Spanish cedar is the traditional wood choice for humidors, and Allyn explains why. Detailed project plans show how the front, back, and sided of the box are cut from one piece of veneered cedar and how the result is really a box inside a box. Allyn uses rabbets for edge-banding, which helps the box resist wear, and he explains how he bandsaws the box open and fits the hardware. The lining creates the seal, and he uses more Spanish cedar for that. Then he explains how to install the humidifier and finish the box. Side information presents a gallery of humidors of the finest craftsmanship and imagination.

From Fine Woodworking #127