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Furniture design has seen many styles and forms throughout its rich history, from the rectilinear designs of the Arts and Crafts movement to the instantly recognizable Windsor chair. Furniture makers and designers have set new trends across continents
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  • Designing on the Go: A Coffee Table Takes ShapeDesigning on the Go: A Coffee Table Takes Shape

    by Peter Turner

    Peter Turner turned a request from his sister into a design-and-build process that produced four versions of a Shaker-style coffee table. Each version he built ...

  • The Many Sides of Thomas MoserThe Many Sides of Thomas Moser

    by Zachary Gaulkin

    A biographical sketch of a man who took his love of Shaker furniture and converted it into a highly successful business producing handmade furniture in a factory. ...

  • Shaker Sewing Stand Remains Stylish, PracticalShaker Sewing Stand Remains Stylish, Practical

    by Robert Treanor

    Robert Treanor doesn’t sew, but he loves Shaker sewing stands. The one featured in this article has three cabriole legs and an underslung, two-way drawer, making ...

  • Build a Shaker Round StandBuild a Shaker Round Stand

    by Christian Becksvoort

    The measured drawing that Christian H. Becksvoort includes in this piece on a Shaker round table is by no means definitive, but it’s exceedingly close; he’s built ...

  • Shaker Oval BoxesShaker Oval Boxes

    by John Wilson

    Oval boxes continue to be the most popular product the Shakers ever offered to the outside world. John Wilson teaches novice and experienced woodworkers how to ...

  • Shaker-Style ClockShaker-Style Clock

    by Philip C. Lowe

    This cherry and pine clock case accommodates a modern quartz movement. This Shaker clock Philip C. Lowe built is a little smaller than the original he based it ...

  • A Shaker Style Drop-Leaf TableA Shaker Style Drop-Leaf Table

    by Greg Isaak

    The table Greg Isaak built was inspired by several original Shaker pieces, but he modified it with Sheraton-style tapered legs. There’s nothing tricky about building ...

  • A Cherry Clothes TreeA Cherry Clothes Tree

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian H. Becksvoort was challenged to build a clothes tree to match a pencil-post bed he’d made, but the idea just wouldn’t work on paper. He came up with a ...

  • Building a Tinware CupboardBuilding a Tinware Cupboard

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian Becksvoort’s Shaker tinware cupboard breaks all the rules of proportion. Because of its size, it’s useful all over the house, but it doesn’t adhere to ...

  • The Pencil-Post BedThe Pencil-Post Bed

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian H. Becksvoort’s pencil-post harks back older times. Becksvoort starts by discussing the origin of the style and then explains how he uses 6-in.-long bed ...

  • Building a Shaker-Style WardrobeBuilding a Shaker-Style Wardrobe

    by Tom Hagood

    Tom Hagood sought to find a traditional wardrobe design that allowed some creative interpretation for his own design details. In order for it to fit his client’s ...

  • Oval BoxesOval Boxes

    by Tom McFadden

    Though he started off studying Shaker oval boxes, Tom McFadden makes his of a variety of woods and he leaves the outside overlapping end square, instead of cutting ...

  • Shaker CarrierShaker Carrier

    by John Kassay

    This short article with a scale drawing shows how to make a box fitted with a handle.From Fine Woodworking #32...

  • Shaker Blanket ChestShaker Blanket Chest

    by John Kassay

    This article is adapted from John Kassay’s Book of Shaker Furniture, and its drawings and bill of materials give serious woodworkers the opportunity to scale their ...

  • Shaker Round StandShaker Round Stand

    by John Kassay

    The stands shown in John Kassay's article were all made in the first half of the 19th century, when the Shaker sect was at its peak. To duplicate one, you'll need ...

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