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Using Turning Tools

  • Turning Tip: How to Tame TearoutVideo: Turning Tip: How to Tame Tearout

    with Mike Mahoney

    Avoid end-grain tearout with proper tool positioning and cutting in the right direction

  • Wood Turning BasicsWood Turning Basics

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    The world's best teachers show you better techniques, beautiful projects in this special online collection

  • Update: Turning-Tool DevelopmentsUpdate: Turning-Tool Developments

    by AuthorID: 0 could not be found

    Production problems ending for Glaser Hitec; Stuart Batty develops innovative new tools

  • Turning Beads With a Skew ChiselVideo: Turning Beads With a Skew Chisel

    with Richard Raffan

    Practice turning beads in this exercise excerpted from the DVD 'Turning Wood'

  • Introduction to the Lathe ScraperVideo: Introduction to the Lathe Scraper

    with Ernie Conover

    Get tips for sharpening and using this all-purpose turning tool

  • Turning Tools RedesignedTurning Tools Redesigned

    by David Heim

    CET Inc. launches innovative CryoSteel turning tools and reissues Jerry Glaser Hitec line

  • Turning Beads and CovesVideo: Turning Beads and Coves

    with Ernie Conover

    Mastering these two shapes will allow you to turn virtually any furniture spindle

  • Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel TurningVideo: Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel Turning

    with Howard Lewin

    Drill an entrance hole, then cut from the center out for a thin-walled vessel

  • Tips for Hollowing End GrainTips for Hollowing End Grain

    by Alan Lacer

    Woodturner Alan Lacer details the use of the hook tool and the ring tool in bowl turning. To master these aggressive cutting tools, Lacer suggests practicing on ...

  • Learn to Turn SpindlesLearn to Turn Spindles

    by Ernie Conover

    All turning techniques are based on cutting a bead, a cove, a cylinder, or a taper; if you can cut these four shapes, you can turn anything. In this primer on basic ...

  • Turn a Hollow VesselTurn a Hollow Vessel

    by Howard Lewin

    Improvements in wood-turning tools have made the art of hollow-vessel turning accessible to woodturners of varying skill levels. In this article, Howard Levin, ...

  • Turn a Classic Floor LampTurn a Classic Floor Lamp

    by Ernie Conover

    This 18th-century inspired lamp offers a chance to practice both faceplate and spindle turning. The design accommodates a range of lathe sizes and turning abilities ...

  • Turning Bowls from Green WoodTurning Bowls from Green Wood

    by Howard Lewin

    Howard Lewin explains how to turn bowls from green wood in this informative article with step-by-step instructions. Lewin offers techniques for rough-cutting bowl ...

  • Skew-Chisel BasicsSkew-Chisel Basics

    by Richard Raffan

    Professional turner Richard Raffan explores the essentials of turning wood with a skew chisel. He explains how to grind and sharpen the tool, and offers lessons ...

  • Duplicate Spindles by HandDuplicate Spindles by Hand

    by Kim Carleton Graves

    When a project requires turning multiple matching spindles, this method for duplicating spindles by hand will results in finished parts with crisp edges, according ...

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