Lathes serve a variety of woodworkers, from those who work exclusively on miniature turnings like pen barrels and Christmas tree ornaments to bowl turners to furniture makers who need a lathe only occasionally for making a knobs for a cabinet or a set
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  • Tapered Turning HeadTip: Tapered Turning Head

    by L.L. Chapman

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Hollowing the InsideVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Hollowing the Inside

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 3 of 4: Learn to cut with the grain and achieve a consistent wall thickness when turning a greenwood bowl

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Shaping the ProfileVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Shaping the Profile

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 2 of 4: Follow these steps to preserve a natural edge and achieve smooth cuts with a bowl gouge

  • Turning Beads and CovesVideo: Turning Beads and Coves

    with Ernie Conover

    Mastering these two shapes will allow you to turn virtually any furniture spindle

  • Turning Ringed ObjectsTip: Turning Ringed Objects

    by Edward Groh

  • Tool Test: Midi-lathesTool Test: Midi-lathes

    by Andy Barnum

    Bench-size midi-lathes make cost and space less of an issue than in the past when deciding whether to add a lathe to your shop. In this article, students at the ...

  • Learn to Turn SpindlesLearn to Turn Spindles

    by Ernie Conover

    All turning techniques are based on cutting a bead, a cove, a cylinder, or a taper; if you can cut these four shapes, you can turn anything. In this primer on basic ...

  • Turn a Hollow VesselTurn a Hollow Vessel

    by Howard Lewin

    Improvements in wood-turning tools have made the art of hollow-vessel turning accessible to woodturners of varying skill levels. In this article, Howard Levin, ...

  • Basic Guide to Buying a LatheBasic Guide to Buying a Lathe

    by Jon Siegel

    As with buying any tool, it’s the economies you later regret, not the extravagances. Professional turner Jon Siegel tells you what to look for: The height and structure ...

  • Turning Bowls from Green WoodTurning Bowls from Green Wood

    by Howard Lewin

    Howard Lewin explains how to turn bowls from green wood in this informative article with step-by-step instructions. Lewin offers techniques for rough-cutting bowl ...

  • Bowl-Turning BasicsBowl-Turning Basics

    by Richard Raffan

    The beauty of a well-balanced bowl lies in subtle details, writes Richard Raffan. He explains here how to make a bowl on the lathe in an hour or two. Among the ...

  • Turning a Matched Set of BowlsTurning a Matched Set of Bowls

    by Arthur F. Sherry

    Turning a good matched set of bowls can be a challenge, and it calls for careful planning and execution. In this article, Arthur F. Sherry shares patternmakers’ ...

  • Twist TurningTwist Turning

    by Eric Schramm

    Mostly used in reproduction and repair and for Mediterranean-style furniture, spirals are not truly turnings because most of the work is really carving, writes ...

  • Bowl TurningBowl Turning

    by Peter Child

    Peter Child jumps right into sharing tips on how to turn bowls, such as completing the turning of the outside of the bowl before removing any wood from the inside, ...

  • Green BowlsGreen Bowls

    by Alan Stirt

    Alan Stirt says working from the log is not only cheaper and more available, but it also gives you an opportunity to fit sizes and grain patterns to your own requirements, ...

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