Using Turning Tools - Fine Woodworking Tool Guide

Using Turning Tools

  • Turning Gouge PrimerVideo: Turning Gouge Primer

    with Mike Mahoney

    Why are there so many different gouges?

  • Update: Turning-Tool DevelopmentsUpdate: Turning-Tool Developments

    by AuthorID: 0 could not be found

    Production problems ending for Glaser Hitec; Stuart Batty develops innovative new tools

  • Turning Tools RedesignedTurning Tools Redesigned

    by David Heim

    CET Inc. launches innovative CryoSteel turning tools and reissues Jerry Glaser Hitec line

  • Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel TurningVideo: Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel Turning

    with Howard Lewin

    Drill an entrance hole, then cut from the center out for a thin-walled vessel

  • Skew-Chisel BasicsSkew-Chisel Basics

    by Richard Raffan

    Professional turner Richard Raffan explores the essentials of turning wood with a skew chisel. He explains how to grind and sharpen the tool, and offers lessons ...

  • Gouges for the LatheGouges for the Lathe

    by Ernie Conover

    Ernie Conover has noticed that anyone who learns how to handle a gouge with aplomb will be far along the road to mastering turning itself. There are three types ...

  • The Bowl GougeThe Bowl Gouge

    by Peter Child

    There are three types of woodturning gouges, writes Peter Child: one designed for bowls, one for between-center coving and small rounds, and one for roughing square ...

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