Using Turning Tools

  • Image not availableEasy Chuck

    by Mike Mahoney

    Since its introduction in the 1980s, the four-jaw chuck has improved all realms of turning—not just hollow vessels—giving turners multiple options for mounting ...

  • Image not availableCarbide Mini Turning Tool Set

    by Mike Mahoney

    One of the challenges Of learning to turn wood is learning to sharpen the tools. Traditional turning tools require complicated bevel angles and finely ground cutting ...

  • Turning Gouge PrimerVideo: Turning Gouge Primer

    with Mike Mahoney

    Why are there so many different gouges?

  • Update: Turning-Tool DevelopmentsUpdate: Turning-Tool Developments

    by AuthorID: 0 could not be found

    Production problems ending for Glaser Hitec; Stuart Batty develops innovative new tools

  • Turning Tools RedesignedTurning Tools Redesigned

    by David Heim

    CET Inc. launches innovative CryoSteel turning tools and reissues Jerry Glaser Hitec line

  • Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel TurningVideo: Use a Boring Bar for Hollow-Vessel Turning

    with Howard Lewin

    Drill an entrance hole, then cut from the center out for a thin-walled vessel

  • Skew-Chisel BasicsSkew-Chisel Basics

    by Richard Raffan

    Professional turner Richard Raffan explores the essentials of turning wood with a skew chisel. He explains how to grind and sharpen the tool, and offers lessons ...

  • Gouges for the LatheGouges for the Lathe

    by Ernie Conover

    Ernie Conover has noticed that anyone who learns how to handle a gouge with aplomb will be far along the road to mastering turning itself. There are three types ...

  • The Bowl GougeThe Bowl Gouge

    by Peter Child

    There are three types of woodturning gouges, writes Peter Child: one designed for bowls, one for between-center coving and small rounds, and one for roughing square ...

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