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Moldex - N100 with Handy Strap Dust Mask

This Moldex dust mask includes an exhaust valve and an adjustable strap that also lets you hang the mask around your neck

$5 for 34 (As of 11/1/2008)

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Editor's Review: Protect Yourself From Wood Dust

by Jeff Miller

review date: November 1, 2008

I recently tested a large selection of masks and respirators, and had the editors at Fine Woodworking do the same. After all of our testing, it's clear that there are a few key features that make for a great mask. An exhaust valve is an indispensable feature. You also should look for a mask that is made from face-friendly material. An adjustable nosepiece is important and adjustable straps are a big plus.

Testers applauded the versatility of the Moldex Handy Strap, which allows you to hang the mask comfortably around your neck.

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A place to hang your mask. The Moldex Handy Strap makes hanging a mask around your neck a snap (left), a big plus when you need to take it off momentarily to speak, get a drink, or make an adjustment. The strap makes putting the mask on easier, too (right).

Overall, however, two masks really stood out from the rest in our tests: the 3M 8511 and the Willson Saf-T-Fit.

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