Glen-Drake Toolworks - Marking Gauge (Tite-Mark) - Double Mortise - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Marking Gauge (Tite-Mark) - Double Mortise

Glen-Drake Toolworks - Marking Gauge (Tite-Mark) - Double Mortise

The Tite-Mark combination marking gauge features a micro-adjustable fence and is available in two lengths.

$113 (with two blades and a 9-in. beam) (As of 10/25/2005)

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Editor Choice-Best Overall

Editor's Review: Choosing Marking Tools

by Scott Gibson

review date: October 25, 2005

The Tite-Mark gauge features a circular fence that slides along a cylindrical beam. Also, the cutter, located on the end of the beam, is disc-shaped. But what sets apart the Tite-Mark from other metal marking gauges is its micro-adjustment feature. To change the distance from the fence to the cutter, simply turn a knurled, brass barrel. And because one turn of the barrel translates into a fence movement of 0.100 in., adjustments as low as one-quarter turn (or about 0.025 in.) are easy to approximate.

In use, the gauge works nicely. It fit well in my hand, although a nylon tension screw, which doesn’t seem all that necessary, dug into my fingers. The fence hugged the wood, and the cutter cut cleanly.

On the downside, the circular cutter can’t be adjusted to make a heavy cut, something I occasionally want from a marking gauge. And the Tite-Mark is less useful when laying out a mortise and tenon, where a double-pin-style gauge is a plus.

For those interested in a beautifully machined, top-quality marking gauge, this one is well worth a look.

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Manufacturer Glen-Drake Toolworks
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 707-961-1569
Blade Style Wheel/Double Mortise
Maximum Marking Reach N/A

Expensive, but worth it.This is one awesome piece of tooling. It is solid, precise and accurate, and has great presence!I bought this tool as I was somewhat irritated at the standard marking gauges that require re-working to even remotely work correctly. Several times the blades would follow the grain, even when the blades were sharpened to razor points. Since buying this gauge, I have had no problems, even in woods with reversing or other tough grains.The heft of this tool aids in making the cuts and the ability to fine tune the positioning of the cutters is a bonus.The main body is designed so as to not roll off the workbench and the cutters area reasonably easy to sharpen. You just need to screw the cutter to a short pencil size stick of wood and hone it until its sharp again. The blades do not dull easy due to the steel hardness. When it dulls, just loosen the cutter, rotate it a quarter turn, then tighten. When all four quaters are dull, resharpen.I have owned a Bridge City Tool Works Mortise Gauge and a Crown Toolworks Mortise Gauge. For the price, the Glen-Drake is outstanding and well designed. You can buy more expensive or a little cheaper, but those tools can aggravate you every time you use them.

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