Biscuit Joiner DW682K - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Biscuit Joiner DW682K

DeWalt - Biscuit Joiner DW682K

DeWalt’s biscuit joiner features a rack-and-pinion fence and trigger switch

$175 (As of 10/1/2001)

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Editor's Review: Biscuit Joiners

by Roland Johnson

review date: October 1, 2001

Woodworkers in the market for a biscuit joiner have many models from which to choose, so Fine Woodworking decided to test a dozen of them. Results showed that the features to look for include a comfortable handle; an easy-to-operate switch; an adjustable fence that works smoothly, offers good support, and adjusts for angles you need; a turret stop that adjusts for the biscuit sizes you use; and a grip system that keeps the tool from sliding.

The DeWalt joiner has an easy-to-control rack-and-pinion fence, and the trigger switch is a plus. Two cordless models (14.4 volts and 18 volts) are also available.

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Editor Test Results:

Parallel Test Using fence: 0.017 in.; Using base: 0.007 in.
Noise Rating 103 dB (no load)

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer DeWalt
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-433-9258
Biscuit Sizes 0, 10, 20, M
Fence Features Adjustable-angle fence: Yes
Amps 6.5 amps

Great tool.

Not a Lamello but still a great biscuit joiner. It is relatively accurate and appears to have sufficient power. It feels very confortable.


Like the overall quality, however there is play in the handle and it leads to slots that are bigger than the biscuits and thus poor alignment. Did not realize that this was not normal (had just started woodworking)and this led to a lot of boards that needed planing.

Very tempting to give it 5 stars but I don't have much to compare it to. This is my first biscuit joiner and it was so very easy to use and did an excellent job. I was able to hook up the shop-vac after some fiddling around and that certainly helped with the clean-up. The boards joined very well and are as good as one single board.

I just replaced this biscuit joiner after 4 years of use. The fence got sloppy on it and stopped putting the slot parallel/perpendicular to the stock. It wasn't hard use, in fact the blade was still very sharp, which I would have thought would have been the first to go. Perhaps mine was a fluke. When I retired it, it wasn't off a lot but enough to make mating pieces hit or miss. It also has a bit of weird sized dust collection outlet and never mated up to the shop vac well. After a few cuts and jockeying around some the hose would fall off and send a blast of chips at you. On the positive side it is lighter than the Porter Cable which replaced it. And the rack adjustment is faster than the threaded version on the PC. But for an extra 25 bucks on average, go with the PC. It's more flexible, gives you FF biscuits, and has better dust collection.

Well built, does what it should. Has a great fence, but the DC chute clogs easily unless you clip out the spoke. Second best in the "non-Lamello" class behind the PC557 which can do face frames too.

Light Weight, Good instructions, Dust collection is poor, but hooking a vacuum to the dust port is highly recommended.Accuracy is good and instructions are more than adequate. Had mine for almost 10 years and still going strong!

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