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Pin-Style Marking Gauge

Crown Tools - Pin-Style Marking Gauge

This is a low-cost pin-style marking gauge best used for marking across end grain or parallel to the grain.

$12 (As of 8/1/2003)

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Editor's Review: Choosing Marking Tools

by Scott Gibson

review date: August 1, 2003

Marking, mortise, and combination gauges come in myriad styles and prices. What differentiates them from one another is the number and type of cutters each employs. Marking gauges have a single cutter for scribing one line at a time. Mortise gauges have two cutters and are used mostly for marking parallel lines to establish the width of a mortise. Combination gauges typically have three cutters: a single cutter on one side of the beam for use as a marking gauge and an additional pair on the other side of the beam for laying out mortises.

The beech pin-style marking gauge from Crown Tools features a single, hardened-steel cutter, brass wear strips inlaid on the fence, and a plastic thumbscrew. Although it was not the fanciest of the marking tools tested, it appeared to be a very serviceable gauge. And at $12, it won't break the bank. 

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Manufacturer Crown Tools
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Blade Style Pin
Maximum Marking Reach N/A

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