I love getting gifts. Especially if I can put them in my shop or tool chest. Here’s a list of things I’d like to see under the Christmas tree this year.

Perhaps they will give you some ideas.


Ashley Iles - Bench Chisel
Street Price: $35

If you like hand tools, check out this reasonably priced chisel. The back is flattened and can be polished with minimal effort. The side bevels are nicely softened and tapered to a small flat, which is convenient for working into tight corners. For more info on chisels, check out our tool reviews.

Irwin Parallel Clamp
Street Price: $35-$40

 You can never have enough clamps and the Irwin Parallel clamp is a great addition to any shop. This tool can do a variety of things. Because of its square shape, the jaws are less likely to slip out of position. So you can use it to glue-up big panels and small stuff too. Then, flip the head and the clamp converts to a spreader that can safely disassemble joinery in the dry-fitting process.

MagicStud Finder
Street Price: $17

Stud Finder

Any gift that would make finding studs easier would put a smile on my face. So, I’ll recommend the MagicStud Finder. This gadget comes in two pieces: a holder and a magnetized disk. Simply place the disk inside the holder and slide it over the wall. When the holder passes over a screw, the magnet pops out and attaches to the wall, locating a stud.

Veritas Mk II Cambered Roller
Street Price: $21.70

A handplane blade that is slightly convex in shape will reduce score marks left behind from planing. But honing a nice convex shape on a plane blade is tricky to do by hand. The Veritas Mk. II Cambered Roller solves the problem. You can assemble it in seconds and the cambered roller allows you to gently curve the blade while sharpening. No more nasty marks on wood.

Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw with Laser Trac
Street Price: $90

This saw is all about portability. At just 16 lb. you can carry it up the stairs and hardly get winded. It comes with a left-tilt single-bevel blade that measures 7 1/4 in. and has 40 teeth. Depth of cut is 3 in. wide by 3 in. deep.



Maxus S-Lite Air Compressor
Street Price: $300

Woodworkers who have been extra “nice” this year may consider asking for something extra special--the Maxus X-Lite air compressor. It will power a variety of pneumatic tools, including framing and trim nailers. Since it’s made from aluminum, it will not rust and is light, unlike steel-tank compressors.


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