A clean, snug-fitting row of dovetails is a hallmark of fine craftsmanship. That's one reason why there are more than 20 different dovetail jigs on the market, each promising to help its buyer turn out rows of dovetails in record time. Tim Albers tested 13 of the most versatile jigs and was impressed with a number of them. He found that they all can produce accurate dovetail joints, but the best offer a good balance between the diversity of joints they can create and the complexity of their setup and adjustment.

Jigs tested include: Leigh D4R and D1600; Porter-Cable 4212; Akeda DC16; Festool VS-600; Hart Design GFK2800; Porter-Cable Omnijig; Rockler Dovetail Jig Combo; Woodhaven 7517K; and three clamp-on jigs: the Gifkins, Katie, and Keller Pro Series.

From Fine Woodworking #187

PLUS: In his companion video, Albers demonstrates using four of his top picks. And woodworker Fred Sotcher reviews seven half-blind-only dovetail jigs in a companion article for FineWoodworking.com.