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Tool Test: Bench Grinders for Woodworkers

Slow-speed grinders give a fresh edge quickly, without burning


Chris Gochnour usually review hand tools, but since bench grinders play such a vital role in keeping tools sharp, he was up for the challenge of evaluating a pool of 8-in., variable- or slow-speed machines under $200 to see how well they performed at shaping plane irons and bench chisels. Tool rests play a key role, so they were a big part of the equation. Machines from Craftsman, General International, Penn State Industries, Porter-Cable, and Woodcraft were tested.

From Fine Woodworking #226

From Fine Woodworking #226, pp. 42-45

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The Grind2x bench grinder features a tool rests that are built as a one-piece casting that can move in and out.

General International - 15-825 M1 Bench Grinder

The The tool rests for the 15-825 M1 bench grinder can move in or out by loosening and tightening two bolts with a wrench.

Craftsman - 21162 Bench Grinder

The Craftsman 21162 bench grinder grinder features a handy work light and features a easy to make angle adjustments.

Woodcraft - 150780 Bench Grinder

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The Woodcraft 150780 bench grinder features tool rests that hold their settings well.

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