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Protect Yourself From Wood Dust

Masks and respirators are the best defense against the most harmful dust


Dust masks and respirators come in dozens of styles and a wide range of prices. Which ones do the best job of protecting your lungs from wood dust? Jeff Miller tested a number of masks and respirators to see which ones are most effective at keeping out the smallest and most dangerous  particles--the ones that cause nasal and sinus-cavity irritation, allergies, lung congestion, chronic cough, and cancer. Read this review to find out whether you need to invest a few bucks for a disposable dust mask, or shell out much more for a powered respirator. The answers may surprise you.

From Fine Woodworking #201

From Fine Woodworking #201, pp. 40

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Willson - Saf-T-Fit Dust Mask

The Saf-T-Fit Plus includes adjustable straps, an exhaust valve, and an adjustable nose piece

Rockler - Power Air Respirator

The filter, fan, and motor are attached to the mask for this respirator. It resembles a reusable dust mask.

Moldex - N100 with Handy Strap Dust Mask

This Moldex dust mask includes an exhaust valve and an adjustable strap that also lets you hang the mask around your neck

Trend Routing Technologies - Trend Airshield

The fan, motor, filter, and battery for this respirator are perched on the user’s brow, but the padded headband makes it comfortable and its weight is reasonably well-balanced

3M - 8511 Dust Mask

The 3M 8511 dust mask includes a soft inner lining, an exhaust valve, and an adjustable nose piece

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