Spray Guns

In professional shops, where time is money, spray guns rule. And, new innovations in spray equipment have made this technique suitable for the hobbyist.What Counts: • Gun Type: High-volume low-pressure (HVLP) spray guns can be powered by a compressor
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  • How to Troubleshoot a Spray GunHow to Troubleshoot a Spray Gun

    by Jeff Jewitt

    When everything works correctly, a spray gun delivers a thin, even coating of finish that makes furniture look fantastic. But what to do when everything is not ...

  • Spray-Gun ChoicesSpray-Gun Choices

    by Mitch Kohanek

    Thinking about making the leap into spray finishing? Looking to achieve a professional, off-the-gun finish at last? It may seem that you're facing equipment choices ...

  • Touch-up Spray GunsTouch-up Spray Guns

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Jeff Jewitt admits a penchant for spray guns, and of all the ones in his shop, he prefers the touch-up gun the most. He uses them for applying finishes to smaller ...

  • Turbine HVLP Sprayers Keep Getting BetterTurbine HVLP Sprayers Keep Getting Better

    by Chris A. Minick

    Chris A. Minick inspects five high-volume, low-pressure spray units to see how they handle in the woodshop. He researched their history and shares tips on how to ...

  • TLC for Spray GunsTLC for Spray Guns

    by Andy Charron

    Without careful maintenance, it won’t be long before a spray gun starts spitting. Andy Charron explains here how to maintain your sprayer equipment, be it high ...

  • Which Spray System Is Right for You?Which Spray System Is Right for You?

    by Chris A. Minick

    Finishing chemist Chris A. Minick explains how a spray gun works and how gun composition affects the kind of finishes you can spray. There are internal and external ...

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The CommandMax HVLP Sprayer is lightweight and can handle multiple finishes.

Earlex Inc. - Pro Spray Station 6900

Budget-priced spray system

Earlex Inc. - Earlex - HV5000 Spray Station Pro System

(7 user reviews)

This Earlex HVLP system runs off a two-stage turbine. It's is a good value for an occasional spray finisher.

American Turbine - HVLP Sprayer AT950

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A compact, portable spray system for furniture finishing.

Asturo - HVLP Spray Gun BRI/A

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Asturo’s HVLP gun runs off a compressor, not a turbine.

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