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IWF Alert: Router dust collector does the job on the cheap

comments (3) August 26th, 2010 in blogs

woodheat Roland Johnson, contributor
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Simple system stymies stray sawdust.  Easily installed, effective and economical.
Polycarbonate sheet mounts between router and base plate. Velcro holds the lower collector cup under the table.
The lower collector cup is flexible, allowing bit changes with the need to remove any dust collector parts.
Simple system stymies stray sawdust.  Easily installed, effective and economical. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Simple system stymies stray sawdust.  Easily installed, effective and economical.

I really get tired of trying to corral dust on my portable router table.  The dust collection on my router fence is OK but the dust below the table drops into my router motor and always seems to evade the router's dust shrouds.  Today I found what I think will be a great solution to my dust woes.  Keen Products has a device, called the Dust Router, that's easy to install and looks pretty darned effective.

A thin sheet of polycarbonate fits between the router base and the router table or insert.  On the polycarbonate is a ring of velcro that holds the lower dust collector cup in place. 
The collector cup surrounds the bit, is flexible and allows bit changes without removing any of the dust collector parts by simply deforming as the router collet is raised. Not to fear, the cup returns to its original shape as the router is lowered after a bit change. The collector cup's hose joins the router fence collection hose with a simple "T" that has an outlet sized for a standard 2-1/2" shop vacuum hose.  And the best part is that this system sells for just $40.

Simple and simply economical; my kind of router accessory

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Comments (3)

TomCollins TomCollins writes: It is manufactured by Keen-Products in RI. Their website says it will be available in October 2010 ( ). Their other product, a dust collector for table saws, is sold on Amazon. Their website has a video of the router dust collector. It is sold as a kit with dust collection below the table and at the fence. The website does not list a price, but the article above says $40. It appears to be a great solution.
Posted: 7:39 pm on August 27th

gitnedly gitnedly writes: It would be nice to know where this item is available, or can be ordered. I'd buy one today. Hate to have sawdust in my router. Looks like a cool solution to a common problem.
Posted: 4:16 pm on August 27th

tunicasteve100 tunicasteve100 writes: this looks fantastic. Did I miss the manufacture?
Posted: 10:58 am on August 27th

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