Making a patterned box using scraps of contrasting veneer is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Adrian Ferrazzutti demonstrates how attention to detail can elevate these pieces into miniature masterpieces, using only simple clamps and cauls instead of a complicated vacuum bag. Once you've glued up a stack of contrasting strips, it's not difficult to create your own pattern. The flowing design on the outside of this box may appear complex, but it consists of just four simple shapes with all the angles cut at 45° on the tablesaw.

From Fine Woodworking #207

Clarification: The individual veneer strips were described as being a little over 2 in. wide, but when glued together into a block they were shown and described as 3-1⁄2 in. wide. If you only intend to make one box, 2 in. is wide enough, but 3-1⁄2 in. will yield enough veneer for three or four boxes, the number the author normally makes at a time.