The Funeral Chair Part Eight: Leather Seat Variation

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fidgen Tom Fidgen, contributor
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Video Length: 5:42
Produced by: Tom Fidgen


In last weeks video post, The Funeral Chair Part Seven,

the quarter sawn cherry and maple version of the chair was completed.

That was actually the third chair I made using this same design.

If you already have my book, The Unplugged Woodshop, you'll know that one of the earlier versions had a leather seat instead of the hardwood slats.

The chair is pretty much the same except for some minor shaping and aesthetic details.

This final video covers the leather seat variation.

Again, this isn't meant as a stand-alone, how-to video, but more a compliment to the written pages.

Speaking of written pages, for a quick refresher on this leather seat variation, re-read pages 48 and 49.


The video begins by cutting the rabbets in the seat frame.

This is a kind of shaped rabbet that the leather mates into.

The straight parts of the seat frame are made the same as any rabbet joinery-

I used my skew rabbet plane to remove the bulk of the waste, and refined the area with a shoulder plane.

The curved sides of the seat frame are a little less straight forward, but using basic hand tools, the process isn't difficult.

The area was scribed with a deep knife line, and the waste removed with a sharp chisel and router plane.

Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

Nothing fancy, just some basic tools and a plan!

With that, here is the last installment of the funeral chair series.

I hope you enjoyed it and encourage you to buy a copy of my new book for full cut lists, illustrations and detailed plans.


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