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Shop Talk Live 30: Super-Smooth Handplane Tips

comments (5) April 23rd, 2013 in blogs

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On this edition of Shop Talk Live, we offer up even more juicy handplane tips and announce a new Build-Off set to occur at Fine Woodworking Live 2013! - CLICK TO ENLARGE

On this edition of Shop Talk Live, we offer up even more juicy handplane tips and announce a new Build-Off set to occur at Fine Woodworking Live 2013!

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Shop Talk Live 30: Super-Smooth Handplane Tips

On this week's edition of Shop Talk Live, we offer up a sneak preview of Fine Woodworking Live 2013, with news that show-goers may have the option of participating in a "Build-Off." Plus Mike Pekovich and Asa Christiana explain handplane iron angles, the benefits of jointer/planer combo machines, and why a 4-in. jointer just doesn't belong in a woodworking workshop.

Brand New Shop Stumper

Also this week, we debut a brand new audio Shop Stumper. Here's the deal: if you can identify the woodworking-related sound I played on the air, send an email to, with "Shop Stumper" in the subject line." We'll randomly select one listener, from among all the correct answers received, to be the recipient of a brand-spankin' new set of Rockler Bench Cookies!

The winner will be announced during STL Episode 31. Please note: DO NOT post your answer in the blog comment section below. Any answers posted their will automatically be disqualified. Email only, folks.


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Asa Christiana
FWW editor
Mike Pekovich 
FWW art director

Ed Pirnik
Senior web producer


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Comments (5)

Village_Handyman Village_Handyman writes: I also had a problem with hook and loop sandpaper coming off my random orbital sander. For a long time, I had used Porter-Cable sanders. Then I bought a Bosch ROS20. I was very pleased with the built-in dust collection. However, I began to have problems with sanding disks flying off the sander. I replaced the Velcro pad, but had the same problem. Since I now had a pretty good stock of 8 hole disks, I got a Dewalt sander. Now my disks stay attached all the time. I also put a Dewalt pad on my Porter-Cable sander, so it also can use my 8 hole disks. I suspect the problem is the Bosch Velcro pad.
Posted: 8:41 pm on May 4th

Jeffrey12 Jeffrey12 writes: I upgraded recently from Stanley Bailey planes to the Veritas BU Jack and Smoother. What I like about this setup is that you can get the different angle irons and use them in both planes. It is very easy to switch irons. I have been planing walnut the last few days and the Jack has a 38 deg blade, no camber and the smoother has a 38 deg blade with camber. Works great. Another feature that I like about the Veritas planes is the ability to open the mouth and clean shavings that sometimes stick and then go right back to the same mouth opening. When I had my Stanley set for a small mouth opening it was very hard to clear stuck shavings. I debated a long time on wether to buy a standard style plane or the BU style. The versatility of changing the planing angle quickly with different irons sold me. I can put the 50 deg iron in to work a small area of gnarly grain. Too much of a work out to leave it in there all the time. I have really enjoyed listening to the podcast and it has gotten me through some long stretches of sanding. Keep up the good talk. It is always great to hear other perspectives and methods of work.
Posted: 9:03 pm on April 24th

cahudson42 cahudson42 writes: Hey Mike,

Re: Comment on BU weights: Try to borrow/try the Veritas 05P36.xx 164-1/2H BU Smoother as a final finisher. At almost 5lb, set for ultra-thin shavings, and with the stock 38-degree blade (50-degree cutting angle) it is my 'go to' plane for final finishing (mostly cherry, maple, and walnut).

Before that, I will use regular bevel-down Bedrock-style - usually a 5 followed by a 4.

But for the very final pass or two - nothing beats the 05P36 IMO.
Posted: 7:29 am on April 24th

Dklein90 Dklein90 writes: Its amazing, I started to write the same question about a bevel up plane 3 times last week and got pulled away each time. I'm glad someone had time to get the question out to you. Although the answer did cause some confusion for me seeing that I was ready to jump on a Veritas bevel up smoother. I guess Its back to the drawing board for the time being.

Matts name on Mikes photo is a compliment to one of them but Im not sure which one.
Posted: 7:01 pm on April 23rd

jross827 jross827 writes: Matt Kenney is looking a lot like Mike these days according to the picture up above. Or maybe there is a slack job being done by whoever the Senior web producer is....

On a side note, another fine episode guys, and I really learned a lot about the differences and uses of different plane angles.
Posted: 11:58 am on April 23rd

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