Tapered legs are an easy way to refine the appearance of tables and chairs, but most commercially available jigs can be a bit questionable when it comes to safety. The most common type consists of two aluminum sections hinged on one end, but because the workpiece isn't clamped to the jig, the operator's fingers are forced to come dangerously close to the spinning blade.

Furniture maker Steve Latta's solution was to build a custom sled that not only holds the workpiece securely, but which rides along a custom-made L-guide that clamps to his tablesaw's rip fence. This allows the user to back the sled out of each cut entirely, without having to worry about the jig assembly tipping off the tablesaw. In this way, the user can make a cut, back the sled out, reposition the leg, and make the next cut, all without having to turn the saw off or worry about the stability of the sled poised on the edge of the tablesaw.