Euro-style cup hinges are a great choice of hardware when installing cabinet doors in kitchens, shop furniture, and built-in cabinetry. In this video, Phoenix woodworker Marc Spagnuolo walks through the installation process during the construction of his Dead-Flat Assembly Table.


Buy a Jig or Build One
Euro-style cup hinges consist of two parts. A mounting bracket screwed to the cabinet and a hinge arm with a cup-shaped mounting plate that attaches to a round mortise on the door. The round mortise is cut with a 35-mm Forstner bit and a special European hinge-mortise jig, which is available commercially or can be made in the shop.

Euro-Style Cup Hinge Holes with a Router

BUILD ONE: Use a plywood jig and your router to cut accurate round mortises. (subscription required)Read more...

BUY ONE: Read our review of six commercial European hinge-mortise jigs, or post your own review in our free-access online Tool Guide. Read more... 


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