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Throughout history, trends in furniture design have evolved alongside societies, the materials they had access to, and advancements in technology. Today’s historian thus has a variety of characteristics to apply to furniture to determine the date in which
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  • Make Your Own BandingsMake Your Own Bandings

    by Freddy Roman

    Stringing and banding is a hallmark of Federal-style furniture, and it’s pretty straightforward to make your own. Freddy Roman demonstrates how he does it using ...

  • Mother Nature Meets Her MatchMother Nature Meets Her Match

    by Jonathan Binzen

    When Greg Brown decided to build a live-edge table in tribute to his older brother, he stepped away from the stark, plain base design that is traditionally paired ...

  • Butternut BeautyButternut Beauty

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Garrett Hack mixes classic styling with playful details in his butternut cabinet....

  • Elements of FederalElements of Federal

    by Steve Latta

    The Federal period was an exciting time for the young United States and a prolific one for furniture makers. Stringing, banding, exotic veneers, and inlay are some ...

  • Heart of the BackHeart of the Back

    by Jonathan Binzen

    The nine separate parts that make up the back have to be linked seamlessly and flow together fluidly. See how he did it.

  • Make an Oval Fan InlayVideo: Make an Oval Fan Inlay

    with John Gush

    A fast and repeatable method for cutting, shading, and assembling the veneers on this Federal-period decoration

  • Curved Dividers for Glass DoorsCurved Dividers for Glass Doors

    by Richard Oedel

    The graceful and elegant curved muntins used on Federal furniture take time to make. But when executed well, they can transform a piece. Richard Oedel has devised ...

  • Federal-Style Stringing and BandingFederal-Style Stringing and Banding

    by Steve Latta

    In this Master Class, Steve Latta describes how to veneer the feet of the Federal-Style Card table; how to add banding to the apron and the feet; and how to inlay ...

  • How to Inlay Ornamental BellflowersHow to Inlay Ornamental Bellflowers

    by Steve Latta

    Bellflower inlays come in many variations, but the type used on the card table I built are common to Baltimore work and are extremely beautiful.If you’ve never ...

  • Enhance Furniture With CrossbandingEnhance Furniture With Crossbanding

    by Jeff Headley

    Veneered border enhances many kinds of furniture

  • Federal-Style Oval InlaysFederal-Style Oval Inlays

    by Steve Latta

    Steve Latta loves to cut inlays, and he shares his enthusiasm here as he shows how to cut a leaf-and-thistle oval inlay. Patterns of classic ovals may be hard to ...

  • Dress Up Any Window with Period TrimDress Up Any Window with Period Trim

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Window trims usually bear the brunt of last-minute cost-cutting in construction and renovation projects, yet they often get the most scrutiny. Mario Rodriguez explains ...

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