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Specialty Joints

Joinery can always be accomplished with simple means, but with a little creativity a simple joint can become a complex one. Combining components of several joints into one advanced operation can be accomplished to create a wide variety of specialty joints. The
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  • Add Muscle To Your MitersAdd Muscle To Your Miters

    by Timothy Coleman, Reed Hansuld, Duncan Gowdy

    Miter joints are perfect for seamless joinery, such as when you want long grain to flow around a door frame, the edge of a case piece, or from leg to rail in a ...

  • Mitered DovetailsMitered Dovetails

    by John Tetreault

    A dovetailed box is a fine example of craftsmanship in its own right. Add a miter to the top edge and it's even more slick. Add a second miter to hide the through-grooves ...

  • Essentials of the Screw JointEssentials of the Screw Joint

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Woodworking teacher Mario Rodriguez tells you everything you need to know to create a solid mechanical connection using screws, from the three-step drilling process ...

  • Perfect Dovetails on a CurvePerfect Dovetails on a Curve

    by Brian Roy

    Say you are making a jewelry box with curved sides. Because both pieces are curved across their width, the ends are also curved. With no straight edges to register ...

  • Box Making Tips and TricksVideo: Box Making Tips and Tricks

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how to cut attractive V-groove dadoes for your finest boxes. Plus, a super-simple shellac-based finish.

  • Ming Masterpiece, Joint by JointMing Masterpiece, Joint by Joint

    by Anissa Kapsales

    When John Cameron (back cover FWW #206) set out to build an exact reproduction of an original Ming Dynasty table, he knew the joinery would tap into all his skill ...

  • How to Make a Bridle JointVideo: How to Make a Bridle Joint

    with Andy Rae

    A variation on a mortise-and-tenon joint that you can easily cut on the tablesaw. Andy Rae shows you what to do.

  • How to Make a Cope-and-Stick JointVideo: How to Make a Cope-and-Stick Joint

    with Andy Rae

    Andy Rae takes you step-by-step through the process, from setting up the router bits to final glue-up.

  • How They Did It: Slat-and-Rivet ConstructionHow They Did It: Slat-and-Rivet Construction

    by Anissa Kapsales

    Blending cabinetmaking and boatbuilding

  • The Wizard's SecretsThe Wizard's Secrets

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Traditional joinery becomes art in the hands of Kintaro Yazawa. For the first time, he reveals secrets for two perplexing joints. Read about the hawk's-nail joint ...

  • Drawbored Mortise and TenonVideo: Drawbored Mortise and Tenon

    with Matthew Teague

    Make this tight-fitting joint even stronger by driving a peg through offset holes

  • Make a Tapered Sliding DovetailMake a Tapered Sliding Dovetail

    by Matt Berger

    A router, plywood fence, and shim make easy work of producing this sturdy mechanical joint for shelves and partitions

  • A Lesson in Butterfly KeysQ & A: A Lesson in Butterfly Keys

    by Gary Rogowski

  • Router-Cut Sliding DovetailVideo: Router-Cut Sliding Dovetail

    with Bernard Maas

    Learn to produce this strong joint in a video excerpt from the DVD 'Router Jigs and Techniques'

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