Furniture Construction

  • Butternut BeautyButternut Beauty

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Garrett Hack mixes classic styling with playful details in his butternut cabinet....

  • Carved Pulls Give a Handmade TouchCarved Pulls Give a Handmade Touch

    by Timothy Coleman

    There are times when a traditional door or drawer pull doesn’t seem right, or is not practical, as in drawers located behind doors. For these situations, a pull ...

  • Dreaming of Going Pro?Dreaming of Going Pro?

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Ever wondered if you could make a living at woodworking? Even for the most talented furniture makers, it’s a struggle. And in the wake of the economic meltdown ...

  • Make Veneered Doors Look Like Solid WoodQ & A: Make Veneered Doors Look Like Solid Wood

    by Michael C. Fortune

  • Not-Quite-Secret DrawersNot-Quite-Secret Drawers

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Learn the details of how Garrett Hack installed the "secret" side drawers in his butternut cabinet....

  • Reviving the Tambour DoorReviving the Tambour Door

    by Scott Ernst

    Tambour doors are an elegant and easy way to close a cabinet when traditional doors won't work, or just when you want something different. They are ideal for shallow ...

  • A Journey to BombéA Journey to Bombé

    by Thomas McKenna

    A bombe chest is a tour de force for a woodworker, requiring a combination of excellent technical skills, eye for detail, and period furniture acumen to pull off. ...

  • Easy Fix for a Gappy GluelineEasy Fix for a Gappy Glueline

    by Gregory Paolini

  • Great Glue-Ups, GuaranteedGreat Glue-Ups, Guaranteed

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Glue up panels, edging, joinery, and casework with maximum success and a minimum of stress. Michael Fortune's formula for successful glue-ups starts with remembering ...

  • How to Build a Swing-Out DrawerHow to Build a Swing-Out Drawer

    by Garrett Hack

    A spin-out drawer is one of Garrett Hack's favorite ways to add a bit of whimsy to his tables. Drawers that swing out are fun, but they are also useful in situations ...

  • How to Gear Up for Glue-UpsHow to Gear Up for Glue-Ups

    by Michael C. Fortune

    They key to success for any glue-up is to have the right supplies on hand. If you assemble a kit of cauls and clamps like Michael Fortune suggests, your probability ...

  • How to Make Cambered CaulsVideo: How to Make Cambered Cauls

    with Asa Christiana

    Get clamping pressure where you need it with easy shopmade cauls

  • Easier Joinery for Curved Drawer FrontsEasier Joinery for Curved Drawer Fronts

    by Alan Turner

    To produce predictable curves and accurate joinery on a bowfront dresser, Alan Turner built a series of jigs: a two-part bending form, a cradle for crosscutting ...

  • Frame-and-Panel Doors that Stay FlatFrame-and-Panel Doors that Stay Flat

    by Steve Latta

    It may sound obvious, but if you want your cabinet doors to swing freely and stay true, they have to be flat. And if you follow the proper techniques, they will ...

  • Never Struggle with Squeeze-Out AgainNever Struggle with Squeeze-Out Again

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Most of us have a love-hate relationship with glue squeeze-out. That thin, consistent bead of glue along a joint line indicates we've used enough glue for a strong ...

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