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Dowel and Biscuit Joints

Relatively speaking, dowels and biscuits are modern innovations in joinery that have come about with the invention of power tools and jigs. As mechanical means of joining two boards, they are adequate substitutes for more traditional joinery techniques. The
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  • Make Your Own DowelsMake Your Own Dowels

    by Michael Pekovich

    Pegged mortise-and-tenons are a staple of Arts and Crafts furniture, and since Michael Pekovich loves the style, he pegs a lot of joints. Store-bought dowels are  ...

  • Fine Furniture with Biscuit JointsEditors PickFine Furniture with Biscuit Joints

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Are you biased against biscuits? It might be time to take another look. Michael Fortune has, and he's learned that they are great for joining the rails and stiles ...

  • Make Strong, Simple Joints with DowelsMake Strong, Simple Joints with Dowels

    by Asa Christiana

    The lowly dowel joint may be the most undervalued, underused joint in woodworking. It owes that reputation to decades of bad, factory-made furniture. But done right, ...

  • Sand Biscuit Joints After 24 HoursQ & A: Sand Biscuit Joints After 24 Hours

    by Michael C. Fortune

  • Strengthen Cope-and-Stick Joints with DowelsQ & A: Strengthen Cope-and-Stick Joints with Dowels

    by Steve Latta

  • Biscuit-Joint BasicsBiscuit-Joint Basics

    by Tom Begnal

    It will never match the beauty of a dovetail or the strength of a mortise-and-tenon, but for speed, accuracy, and ease of use, it’s hard to beat the biscuit joint.Biscuit ...

  • Pinning a Mortise and Tenon JointVideo: Pinning a Mortise and Tenon Joint

    with Christian Becksvoort

    A simple jig helps locate and drill holes for pinned joinery

  • Accurate Biscuit JointsVideo: Accurate Biscuit Joints

    with Tony O'Malley

    Master the biscuit joiner and produce accurate joints with a few simple techniques and accessories

  • Making Hardwood DowelsVideo: Making Hardwood Dowels

    with Christian Becksvoort

    Choose your own lumber and diameter to produce custom dowels for pinning small joints

  • All About Dowels and BiscuitsAll About Dowels and Biscuits

    by Mario Rodriguez

  • Biscuit BasicsBiscuit Basics

    by Tony O'Malley

    Rabbet and dado joints are tried-and-true, but once the author discovered the benefits of biscuit joinery, he was hooked. Tony O'Malley explains how to use a biscuit ...

  • Testing Joints to the Breaking PointTesting Joints to the Breaking Point

    by Bruce Gray

    Using the laboratory at the Wood Science and Technology Center of the University of New Brunswick, Bruce Gray tested joints and talked to experts about why joints ...

  • Build a Houseful of DoorsBuild a Houseful of Doors

    by John Lively

    John Lively of Fine Woodworking explains how to make and hang a door in a weekend or two. He also tells how to build a door to fit exactly into an existing opening. ...

  • The Dowel JointThe Dowel Joint

    by R. Bruce Hoadley

    If good dowel joints aren’t the oldest joints ever made, loose ones must be, writes R. Bruce Hoadley. He studied dowel joints to find out why they fail and to discover ...

  • DowelingDoweling

    by James Krenov

    In this excerpt from The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking, James Krenov says that when done right and used in a sensible relationship to the piece, to its character, and ...

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