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Primarily an ornamental treatment today, carving on furniture has its origin in purely practical reasons, such as the need to shed water, prevent dust buildup, disguise joints, or provide softer edges. Similar to molding, which may be thought of as a
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  • On The Road: Chainsaw WoodworkingOn The Road: Chainsaw Woodworking

    by Cindy Ross

    Pennsylvania's annual chainsaw-carving 'Rendezvous' draws artists with chainsaws from around the world

  • Freestyle Relief CarvingVideo: Freestyle Relief Carving

    with Peter Follansbee

    Learn to carve intricate surface decorations with basic layout tools and a handful of carving gouges

  • How They Did It: The Carving DemystifiedHow They Did It: The Carving Demystified

    by Anissa Kapsales

    Learn the secrets behind David Esterly's intricate carvings. Find out how he holds his work down, joins the workpieces, and finishes them

  • A Woodworker's OdysseyA Woodworker's Odyssey

    by Joel Ficke

    How learning from the pros can propel your woodworking skill level to unimagined heights

  • Barley-Twist CandlesticksBarley-Twist Candlesticks

    by Ernie Conover

    A lathe and a few simple tools are all you need to make a barley-twist candlestick, a traditional design made up of threads cut into a cylinder. Most of the project ...

  • The ABCs of Letter CarvingThe ABCs of Letter Carving

    by T.J. McDermott

    T.J. McDermott's straightforward letter-carving technique uses only two chisels, but it can transform a piece of furniture or other article into a personalized ...

  • Letter Carving BasicsVideo: Letter Carving Basics

    with T.J. McDermott

    A long-time sign maker shares his carving techniques in a demonstration making the letter 'R'

  • The Best Woods for CarvingVideo: The Best Woods for Carving

    with David Sabol

    Basswood isn't the only species that performs well under the carving knife

  • Hold Carvings SecurelyHold Carvings Securely

    by Frederick C. Wilbur

    Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of Frederick Wilbur's carving station. Made from scraps of plywood and lumber, this station uses a variety of wedges, ...

  • The Essential Carver's Tool KitVideo: The Essential Carver's Tool Kit

    with David Sabol

    A master wood carver shows how to use his favorite gouges and knife for three-dimensional carving

  • A Carved Rosette For an Elegant TouchVideo: A Carved Rosette For an Elegant Touch

    with Charles Shackleton

    Create the blanks on a lathe or with a drill press, then chisel in the details

  • Easy-To-Carve Diamond BeadingVideo: Easy-To-Carve Diamond Beading

    with Charles Shackleton

    Personalize your furniture with just a few simple tools

  • Personalize Your FurniturePersonalize Your Furniture

    by Charles Shackleton

    Hand carving dresses up a piece of handmade furniture and makes it truly personal. It’s also a chance to cut loose from the bonds of ruler and marking knife and ...

  • Carving Leaves on a Turned PostCarving Leaves on a Turned Post

    by Allan Breed

    Two carving lessons by Allan Breed are the focus of this article. Working on a turned bedpost, Breed teaches readers how to carve two versions of corn leaves. Once ...

  • Three Simple MoldingsThree Simple Moldings

    by Lee Grindinger

    It’s a small step to go from cutting a mortise to carving a pattern on a molding that will embellish your next project. According to Lee Grindinger, whose portfolio ...

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