Assembly and Glue Up

The assembly and glue-up phase is a critical step of any woodworking project. To ensure the quality and integrity of the finished piece, you should take a number of factors into account: The Basics: • Dry-fit first: Avoid nightmares by first assembling
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  • Gluing up a Bandsawn BoxQ & A: Gluing up a Bandsawn Box

    by Mark Duginske

  • Outdoor Glue for Oily WoodQ & A: Outdoor Glue for Oily Wood

    by Mark Schofield

  • Feeler Gauge Works Glue into CracksTip: Feeler Gauge Works Glue into Cracks

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  • A Guide to Bent Laminations: Part IIIVideo: A Guide to Bent Laminations: Part III

    with Chris Gochnour

    Part 3 of 3: Laminating veneers with a shopmade vacuum bag

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  • Perfect Panel Glue-UpsVideo: Perfect Panel Glue-Ups

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    Essential tips for gluing up panels from narrow boards

  • Veneering MDFVideo: Veneering MDF

    with William Duckworth

    Learn the basic steps to veneering surfaces and edges

  • Surviving Glue-UpsSurviving Glue-Ups

    by Gary Rogowski

    It’s the most stressful 15 minutes of woodworking. You’ve spent weeks of careful work and preparation in building a piece of furniture, and it all comes down to ...

  • Fortify Your JoineryFortify Your Joinery

    by Garrett Hack

    Corner blocks are a simple way to add strength to a piece of furniture. Often you’ll find these small blocks glued behind bracket feet and crown moldings or under ...

  • Frame-and-Panel DoorsFrame-and-Panel Doors

    by Lonnie Bird

    Detailed directions in this article guide furniture makers through the sometimes tricky process of building frame-and-panel doors. The author shows how to set up ...

  • Uses for Hot-Melt GlueUses for Hot-Melt Glue

    by Mark Schofield

    Prompted by a reader suggestion, Fine Woodworkings Mark Schofield takes on the task of finding uses for hot-melt glue. He found the weak-bonding glue useful in ...

  • Gluing Up TabletopsGluing Up Tabletops

    by Gary Rogowski

    Making large-panel tabletops doesnt have to be intimidating. Gary Rogowski explains all the steps needed to mill, match, glue up, and properly clamp your work. ...

  • Master the MiterMaster the Miter

    by Gary Rogowski

    Gary Rogowski explains how to make miters that will serve you well in frames for veneered panels, applying wrap-around molding, or picture-frame construction. He ...

  • Tackling Large TabletopsTackling Large Tabletops

    by Kim Carleton Graves

    The boat-shaped table featured in this article, if built of solid wood, would be unstable and too heavy, so the author made a torsion-box tabletop instead. A torsion ...

  • Keep Track of Your Progress with Squiggles and LinesKeep Track of Your Progress with Squiggles and Lines

    by Philip C. Lowe

    If you don’t mark your parts as you progress through a job, you’ll waste time trying to remember what goes where and what you have already done, says author Philip ...

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