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Workshop Lighting

There are big differences between a woodworking shop and just another room in the house. Yes, the creature comforts of heating and cooling are important in a shop, but a shop is often used on a different schedule and in different ways than a room in a
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  • Flexible task lighting for the workbenchFlexible task lighting for the workbench

    byRichard Bowen

  • Workbench Caddy Holds a Light, TooTip: Workbench Caddy Holds a Light, Too

    by Nick Yinger

  • Let There Be LightLet There Be Light

    by Nancy McCoy

    Update your shop lighting and it's almost a guarantee that woodworking will become easier. Because light fixtures are seldom at the top of tool and equipment wish ...

  • 15 Tips for Basement Workshops15 Tips for Basement Workshops

    by Thomas McKenna

    Many woodworkers set up shop in the basement and have to deal with dim lighting, lack of space, dampness, and other horrors. To help them out, we asked our extensive ...

  • Easy-to-Move Shop LightsTip: Easy-to-Move Shop Lights

    by Regis McNicholas

  • All About Workshop SystemsAll About Workshop Systems

    by Jim Richey

  • Seeing Better in the ShopSeeing Better in the Shop

    by Jeff Miller

    In the shop, it might take more than eyeglasses to get everything in focus. Woodworking poses visual challenges; here is a presentation of products that will help ...

  • A Shop Inspired by School MemoriesA Shop Inspired by School Memories

    by Mark Bellonby

    A fondly remembered, bright and airy school shop inspired this architect to design his own dream workspace. Huge windows and plenty of space dominate, but he also ...

  • Lighting for the WorkshopLighting for the Workshop

    by Jack L. Lindsey

    Use this guide to workshop lighting to illuminate your shop and ensure better results faster and more economically. Jack L. Lindsey, formerly an engineer for Southern ...

  • Setting Up ShopSetting Up Shop

    by Peter Korn

    Peter Korn, Mario Rodriguez, and Mark Duginske recommend different tools that woodworkers need to set up a good basic furniture woodworking shop. Workshops are ...

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