Jonathan Binzen, the FWW consulting editor who's responsible for each issue's back cover and the Pro Portfolio slide shows on FWW.Com, put together Seats of New York, an exhibition of chairs, benches, and stools for this year's meeting of the Furniture Society.

Because the meeting was held at Purchase College, just outside New York City, Binzen focused on furniture from the state. "I wanted the show to bring together talent from around New York State to demonstrate how vibrant studio furnituremaking is all cross the state," he writes in the catalog for the show. "I also aimed to have Seats of New York illustrate the diversity of furniture being made in the state--to present a sampling from across the spectrum in terms of style, materials, and approach."

This exclusive video offers a close-up view of five of the most distinctive pieces in the show, with Binzen's commentary about the craftsmen and their work.