Perhaps the most alluring aspect of turning is the speed at which a skilled craftsman can crank out a finished project. With turning—everything goes quickly, be it stock removal or finishing, everything seems to happen at warp speed: no messy glue-ups, no labor-intensive finishing.

In this two-part video series, celebrated turner Richard Raffan demonstrates how to turn a basic bowl, complete with decorative beads. Beginning with a cherry blank, Raffan rough turns the bowl, offers tips on drying, and caps things off by adding two decorative beads and a beeswax finish that goes on fast and offers lasting protection.

stringingBe sure to check back on Friday, November 29th for the next installment of this mini series on turning a bowl. In Part 2, Richard Raffan will cover everything you need to know about finishing your bowl.


How to Turn a Basic Bowl—Part I Richard Raffan demonstrates rough turning techniques for a basic bowl.
2lineHow to Turn a Basic Bowl—Part II
Learn how to finish the final shaping of the basic bowl, with tips on sanding, finishing, and more.