JWBG-8 Bench Grinder - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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JWBG-8 Bench Grinder

Jet - JWBG-8 Bench Grinder

Sizable tool rests, heft, and quality wheels,

$330 (As of 12/5/2013)

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Editor's Review: Grinder Has the Best Tool Rests

by Chris Gochnour

review date: December 5, 2013

When I reviewed a full range of 8-in., slow-speed grinders in 2012 (“Bench Grinders for Woodworkers,” FWW #226), many of the machines had bright spots but none possessed the full package—no vibration, large, usable tool rests that are easy to adjust, good-quality wheels, and friendly features. Unlike the machines in that roundup, Jet’s new 8-in. grinder appears to have it all.

The grinder weighs 57 lb., considerably heavier than the models I reviewed in that article. The extra heft is welcome, as it helps to dampen vibration. But the real bright spots of the Jet grinder are its tool rests. They are far superior to any stock rests on grinders I have used. They have large, machined cast-iron work surfaces, with vertical lines milled into them to help with blade alignment. Moreover, each one has an easy-to-read angle scale that makes setup and adjustment a snap. Adjustments require no tools—very convenient.

The grinder features high-quality 1-in.-wide Norton wheels (80 grit and 100 grit), but I’d prefer having one coarser wheel. Stout, cast-iron wheel covers are easy to remove for wheel changes. And the 1⁄2-hp motor (1,725 rpm) is well-suited to extended grinding sessions. The only real disappointment with the tool was the stamped-steel arbor flanges, which had holes that were slightly off center and caused the flanges to oscillate. That, in turn, led to wheel wobble. Fortunately, I was able to adjust the flanges to eliminate the wobble, but it was a time-consuming process and a nuisance. In my grinder review, I couldn’t pick a Best Overall because each machine had sub-par tool rests that would need replacing. But with its sizable tool rests, heft, and quality wheels, the Jet is the best grinder I’ve used.

Editor Test Results:

Overall Rating N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Jet
Manufacturer's Web Site www.jettools.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number
Weight 57 lb.
Dimensions 20.2 x 12 x 12.5 in.
Wheel Size 1 in,
Speed 1,725 rpm
Horsepower 1/2
Amps N/A
Watts N/A
Volts 115

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