Belt Sander 3-in. by 21-in. 1274 DVS - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Belt Sander 3-in. by 21-in. 1274 DVS

Bosch - Belt Sander 3-in. by 21-in. 1274 DVS

Bosch’s 3-in. x 21-in. belt sander features a variable speed motor with an inline design.

$170 (As of 6/1/2004)

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Editor's Review: Choosing and Using Belt Sanders

by Scott Gibson

review date: June 1, 2004

According to belt-sander manufacturers, the biggest sellers are the 3-in. by 21-in. models, so we decided to take a close look at what's available. The good news is that we didn't find any glaring performance problems, which made it difficult to pick clear winners. To rate stock-removal and dust-collection effectiveness, each sander and sample board were weighed before and after a timed run. At the end, the difference between the weight of the board and the machine (plus dust bag) indicated how much sawdust was collected, expressed as a percentage. The Bosch sander is a compact, well-balanced machine with a convenient variable-speed control and a comfortable front handle. It can sand flush to an adjacent surface on the right side of the machine. Stock-removal rate, however, was fairly slow. Dust collection effectiveness was 89%.

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Editor Test Results:

Dust Collection Effectiveness 89%
Location of Controls N/A
Vibration Rating N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Bosch
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 877-267-2499
Tilt N/A
Dust Collection Yes
Horsepower N/A
Amps 6.6 amps
Volts 120v
Speed 550 fpm 1,100 fpm (no load)
Stroke N/A
Abrasive Component Size 3-in. x 21-in. belt
Maximum Capacity N/A

I have read many reviews of this belt sander and it seems to be that people either love it or hate it. I've had mine for over a year and used it on several projects and have nothing but praise. Belt tracking is easily adjusted and stays put once adjusted after a new belt is installed. The vacuum dust collection port works very well, that' s the only way I have used it. It also has accessories that allow you to mount it on a workbench belt up and there is an adjustable fence that mounts on the frame to control and align your workpiece. All the accessories fit in the kit case supplied.

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