Jig Saws

Jigsaws are versatile, maneuverable power tools that can make both straight and curved cuts. Like a bandsaw, a jigsaw makes a saw kerf square to the face of the work piece, making it useful for cutting notches where you don’t want the over-cut you’d see
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  • Evaluating Eight Professional-Grade JigsawsEvaluating Eight Professional-Grade Jigsaws

    by Roland Johnson

    Roland Johnson takes a close look at eight jigsaws. He explains the differences between speed controls and variable speed and compares the saws’ price, weight, ...

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Freud Inc. - Jigsaw FJ85

(1 user review)

Freud’s model No. FJ85 jigsaw features a variable-speed motor and cuts straight or with an orbital-cutting motion.

Bosch - Jigsaw 1590EVSK

(9 user reviews)

This jigsaw from Bosch features multiple speed settings, orbital cutting actions, and a variety of blade accessories.

DeWalt - Cordless Jigsaw DW933K

(2 user reviews)

DeWalt has discontinued this model of its cordless jigsaw. It now offers a comparable tool as model DC330K.

Makita - Cordless Jigsaw 4332D

Makita offers an 18v version of its cordless jigsaw as model 4334DWD

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