Sardine-Can-Style Shop in a One Car Garage

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Shop Specs

  • Location: , California
  • Size: 300sq. ft.
  • Type: Garage
  • Focus: Furniture
  • Heating/Cooling: Oil-Filled Portable Heater/Open Garage Door & Fan

Since space is at a premium in my shop I put all my stationary machines on mobile bases. Therefore, I am able to reposition my machines to accommodate the task at hand and any needed infeed/outfeed or assembly space. I use break down tables for assembly as well as the tops of my rolling tool cabinets that store under my miter saw station. There is also tool and table saw accessory storage under my outfeed table and in my under-workbench storage cabinet. All cabinets are attached to the walls with a french cleat system so I can rearrange the cabinets as needs change. The cabinet above my workbench holds all my hand tools for easy access. The machines are placed in close proximity to where I would generally use them according to my typical work flow. I have 110V and 220v receptacles on each wall and close to each machine. Most machines are wired 220V. Lighting comes from 6 flourescent units with 4 bulbs each as well as task lighting where needed. My shop is as bright as mid-noon day or night. My wife was afraid our neighbors might wonder if we are "growing things" in the shop. To keep the neighbors happy I used a sound sealant between 2 layers of 1/2 inch drywall and sealed the perimeter of the R-13 insulated walls with acoustical sealant. When I build the same carriage doors FWW art director Michael Pekovich used on his shop I will fill them with sound sealant/rigid insulation also. The fire extinguisher and first aid kit are next the the entry door for a quick safe exit. My grinder sits on top of a sharpening station. It is close to my workbench so I am more inclined to sharpen my tools before they get dull instead of "when I have the time". My lumber rack is above the garage door which was previously unused wall space. I store my sheetgoods against the wall behind my band saw and drill press. My router insert is in the extension of my table saw to save space. I put a cyclone lid on the garbage can next to the 2 HP dust collector to make it a 2-stage collector. This saves on filter cleaning/replacement. I can reach each machine with the 21 ft. dust collector hose that retracts to only 4 ft. Each machine has a quick release fitting attached to it's dust port. The magazine/book shelf is above the cabinets to use previously unused wall space. The low height of my workbench and sharpening station allow very long boards to be cut on my miter saw. When I need to make extra long rips on my table saw I open the garage door. The dog is a future purchase for shop security. The shop was a retirement present from my loving wife.

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