Calling all woodworkers under 30

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If you are under 30, dont miss this chance to showcase your work and win fabulous prizes.
Is this you? Or is furniture more your thing?
If you are under 30, dont miss this chance to showcase your work and win fabulous prizes. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

If you are under 30, don't miss this chance to showcase your work and win fabulous prizes.

The younger generations aren't woodworking as much as their dads and graddads did. That's a reality, and a real challenge for Fine Woodworking magazine, and all of its advertisers, too.

That said, there is fantastic work being done by people under 30. To showcase that work, and encourage other Gen Xers and GenYers to take up this fulfilling craft, Fine Woodworking is co-sponsoring a special show at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine, at the school's prestigious Messler Gallery.

It's called Regeneration, and there are prizes for everyone who applies, even bigger prizes (router, clamps, etc.) if your work is accepted, and huge prizes (major machinery) if you are winner in one of many categories. Also, we'll choose a number of pieces for a special section in our Readers Gallery in the magazine.

But you'll have to move fast. You have until April 1 to finish your latest project, snap some photos, and apply. The show will run Sept. 16 to Nov. 11 at the Messler Gallery. And no worries--if you are selected for the show, shipping is free, paid for by generous sponsors.

So if you are under 30 and have caught the woodworking bug, you have no excuses! Go to the Regeneration web site to apply.

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jumpinjuniperberry jumpinjuniperberry writes: Ageism .... hmmm ... what does age have to do with it??? Or gender for that matter... what about setting some design criteria and letting anyone compete? By all means encourage the younger set to compete as well but do not shut the door on the elders who might be just as new to the craft!!!
Posted: 10:21 pm on February 7th

MyChipCarving MyChipCarving writes: I think contests like this are great!

I've recently added a tag line to my videos and emails that reads "Introduce a kid to chip carving"

It's about time!

Posted: 8:50 am on February 2nd

gorm0115 gorm0115 writes: quit being a square stonypoint. its a cool thing for young woodworkers. relax.
Posted: 11:25 am on February 1st

StoneyPoint StoneyPoint writes: Really? Only for 30 & under? Why not a contest just for women or just for men? Limiting the contest to a specific age group is discrimination. If you want to inspire younger woodworkers, promote a contest to show the work from all ages.
Posted: 10:27 am on February 1st

christopheralan christopheralan writes: Where was this 2 years ago?! Oh, well. I know some guys I could send over...
Posted: 7:38 am on February 1st

Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher writes: Darn, where was this contest last year?!?!

Posted: 6:19 am on February 1st

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