Innovative Way to Carry Lumber in a Car

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Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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Here's a funny, or not-so-funny, video shared with me on Facebook. It shows a clever way a Russian fellow found to transport a load of wood from the lumberyard. I notice he doesn't have any flags...


How to SAFELY Transport Lumber

ARTICLE: Tying Down Lumber
VIDEO: Tying Down Lumber for Transport Members Only
ARTICLE: Tips on Transporting Plywood

Tips for keeping lumber from taking flight (excerpt from Gary Williams' article Tying Down Lumber):

  • Use several short ropes, not one long one. This gives redundancy that one long piece doesn’t offer.
  • Learn three knots: A bowline, a slipknot and a half hitch. Together, these three basic knots are usually called a trucker’s hitch and provide a sure, simple means of cinching down the load and quick release when you are safely in the driveway. The load is cinched down and tied off in at least two separate places; should one rope or knot fail, the others are still on the job. Read Gary Williams' article or watch his videoMembers Only for more details on tying them.
  • Don’t use polypropylene rope—the cheap yellow stuff—because it won’t hold a knot. Instead look for 3⁄8-in. braided or three-strand nylon.

Do you have any tips for keeping lumber tied down securely? Post a comment below.

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