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Your first sliding saw or cyclone might be a Grizzly

comments (2) July 16th, 2009 in blogs

AsaC AsaC, Contributor
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Grizzly is offering a full-featured sliding tablesaw with a small footprint for only $2,600.
A small but mobile cyclone system is only $825.
Grizzly is offering a full-featured sliding tablesaw with a small footprint for only $2,600. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Grizzly is offering a full-featured sliding tablesaw with a small footprint for only $2,600.

There was a lot of buzz in the AWFS pressroom about Grizzly's new sliding tablesaw, the G0700. With a crosscut capacity up to 34 in. and the ability to accept a full dado set, it is squarely aimed at North American furnituremakers. Though it can't crosscut a full sheet of plywood, it does include a fully adjustable scoring blade for tearout-free cuts of panel goods. And the footprint is about the same as a standard cabinetsaw.

What is also about the same as a standard cabinetsaw is the price tag, a surprisingly low $2,600. This is true European-style sliding tablesaw, with a table that sits right up against the blade and runs on ball bearings and hardened steel ways. It also has a Euro-style riving knife system. The blade cover pictured on this production protoype will be replaced by a clear one, making it easier to line up cuts. Other nice features are an arbor lock for blade changes and cast-iron trunnions. There is dust collection above and below the table.

If you haven't tried a sliding tablesaw, you'll be surprised at how versatile they are. For one thing, you can throw away your shopmade crosscut sleds. This is a lot of machine for the price; you'll just have to wait until the end of the year for the final production models to be ready for shipping.

On the dust-collection front, Grizzly is offering a shockingly low-priced cyclone, which seems to have all the features a hobbyist needs (the G0703), including a 0.2-micron filter for the most dangerous dust, with crank-and-flapper system that unclogs it. The motor is only 1-1/2-hp, but the whole thing is one a roller stand, meaning you can move it from amchine to machine to keep your hose runs short and the suction high. The price tag: $825. And it includes a remote control. Bill Crofutt of Grizzly said they expect this cyclone to be very popular for folks with basement or one-car-garage shops. I agree. This one will be available sooner than the sliding saw, but you'll still have to wait a few months. 

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Comments (2)

gt67 gt67 writes: Looks great. When will other manufacturers add saw stop or similar technology?
Seems as if I will be really sad if I buy this machine and cut my finger.

Q. I use a woodpeck table saw fence for the great measuring system. Do these sliding saws have anything similar?
Posted: 9:34 am on July 22nd

Jointerman Jointerman writes: Oh snap! I just bought my G0623X last week! This is the saw that I'd really find useful, but it's just a few hundred dollars different from what I paid and can crosscut a full sheet of plywood if I needed. A clear blade cover would be seriously nice. I hope they sell a retrofit.
Posted: 7:44 pm on July 16th

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