Walking Tables Creep Me Out

comments (3) July 7th, 2009 in blogs, videos

Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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When I was about 9 years old, I stayed up late one night, after my parents were asleep, and discovered one of the most horrifying films I'd ever seen: "Night of The Living Dead." That damn movie haunted me for weeks after (OK, maybe years) and has kept me fascinated with the walking dead in an assortment of zombie films.

I confess there's something terrifying about a slow-walking, lifeless yet determined flesh eater hot on your tasty trail. When I came across this video of a walking table, that zombie image popped immediately into my head, and I couldn't look away. It's creepy, but cool. There's an extended video of it, in case you want to dream about being chased by a table along the beach. If you're looking for a more whimsical take on a "living" table, check out this drunk one. Have fun. And please don't blame me for any nightmares. I have enough issues of my own.

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Comments (3)

Farback Farback writes: I heard a comedian on the radio the other day talking about dyslexic zombies.

"Brians! Brians!"
Posted: 9:45 pm on April 21st

mcgtr555 mcgtr555 writes: tom, saw on yer post that th e"Night of the living dead" scared the bejesus outta ya. just to let you know a little movie trivia, i played the little girl that eats the bug on the tree! my band played other zombies, but i waas the only one to get aclose up! we wwere given lunch for our parts, a penut butter and jelly sandwicjh with a carton of milk. oro director tols us to " walk around like you're dead." glad to see that we did ok.
Posted: 10:30 am on April 21st

Ed_Pirnik Ed_Pirnik writes: Is it cool? Yes.

That said, I hope I never encounter one of these things "in the flesh." The creep factor is off-the-meter!



Posted: 1:23 pm on July 13th

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