How a big shop speeds up furnituremaking without compromising quality

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Portland, OR, furniture-making shop, The Joinery, started as a one-man operation in 1982 and today employs 30 people in a big shop. They seem to have made that transition without compromising quality, by making use of industrial design and manufacturing equipment. It's really cool to how 3d design software dovetails right into the machining of things, and how a craftsman walks through the process. I wouldn't mind being that guy, not one bit. That said, I'll pass on the job at the end, the finishing specialist.




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Texglide Texglide writes: Not much on the shop but I sure did like the music - :)
Posted: 6:22 pm on April 12th

ajenriquez ajenriquez writes: After 16 years working at The Joinery, it's still a thrill to report to work there every day. This company is dedicated to one thing: doing things the right way, regardless of what that requires. It's really true what the old-timers passed down to us: Be the best at what you do and the world will find you.
Thank you FW for sharing our storywith everyone.
Posted: 1:36 pm on April 12th

HardyvanWyk HardyvanWyk writes: The music? Who cares? Nice machinary!
Posted: 1:13 pm on April 12th

Dbautz Dbautz writes: I totally agree, the music was a horrible distraction. Not only was it annoying, but it override the narrative. The shop was impressive.
Posted: 7:02 am on April 12th

JusticeBeaver JusticeBeaver writes: As an opposing view point, I like the music. And that thingamajig that makes the tenons.
Posted: 8:16 am on April 10th

DonaldWardlaw DonaldWardlaw writes: The music in the video is extraneous and detracts from the content. It's also insipid. I could not finish it. Woodworkers should be treated like smart people who can hold a thought without background music.
Posted: 10:27 pm on April 9th

mrfixitnow mrfixitnow writes: I am a member of the Guild of Oregon Woodworks, based in Portland, Oregon. It's nice to see a video about one of our local businesses. The Guild has scheduled a tour for our members in the near future. I'll be sure to pass along the link for this video to our members. Thanks.
Posted: 5:13 pm on April 9th

latheman latheman writes: Sorry...I can't quit salvating long enough to pay attention to the video...great shop!
Posted: 7:24 am on April 9th

pintodeluxe pintodeluxe writes: I have toured the Joinery shop, and they have some impressive equipment. They use a large clamping rack that allows the craftsman to clamp up a project, and roll it out of the way to expose more clamps. Great tour if anybody is in the Portland area, I highly recommend it.
Posted: 12:07 pm on April 7th

OurBuild OurBuild writes: Great set up, certainly wouldn't mind that workshop!

Cheers James
Posted: 4:32 pm on April 6th

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