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Shop Talk Live 18: George Nakashima 2.0

comments (2) October 26th, 2012 in blogs

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Hit the road with Fine Woodworkings Ed Pirnik and Jon Binzen as they set off for the workshop of celebrated woodworker George Nakashima.
George Nakashimas iconic Conoid Studio looks out upon a beautiful field of grass and trees at the Nakashima property in New Hope, PA.
Inside the Conoid Studio, visitors are bathed in beautiful, warm light.
Videographer Gary Junken (center-L) and Ed Pirnik (center-R) capture video for an upcoming online shop tour and interview at George Nakashima Woodworker, S.A. This enormous structure, dubbed the pole barn, was built shortly after Mr. Nakashimas death in 1990. Today it houses over 10,000 jaw-dropping slabs.
For nearly 43 years now, shop foreman Jerry Everett (L) has worked side-by-side with the Nakashimas-first George, and now Mira (R).
Mira Nakashimas husband, Jonathan Yarnall, is also an old-hand at the New Hope, PA operation. Here Yarnall prepares to drill out the mortises for some chair legs.
Shop foreman Jerry Everett is captured on video at the Nakashima Reception House for an upcoming FWW online feature.
A gracious host, Mira Nakashima (C) is interviewed by a Fine Woodworking crew.
Hit the road with Fine Woodworkings Ed Pirnik and Jon Binzen as they set off for the workshop of celebrated woodworker George Nakashima. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Hit the road with Fine Woodworking's Ed Pirnik and Jon Binzen as they set off for the workshop of celebrated woodworker George Nakashima.

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 Shop Talk Live 18: George Nakashima 2.0

On yet another Special Edition of Shop Talk Live, FWW senior web producer Ed Pirnik and senior editor Jon Binzen head to the shop of acclaimed woodworker George Nakashima for an exclusive interview with daughter Mira and Shop Foreman Jerry Everett. Learn how Mira took the reigns of the operation following the death of her father in 1990, what she's been up to, and where she's going.

The Shop Stumper Returns
On last week's show, we debuted a new Shop Stumper segment and offered up a copy of Garrett Hack's The Handplane Book to one lucky winner. This week, the Shop Stumper is back, with a brand-new prize. We're giving away a commemorative reprint of Fine Woodworking's first issue to one lucky listener.

Just listen to the audio Shop Stumper in this week's episode. If you can correctly identify the sound (email your answers to we'll automatically enter you into the random drawing from among all the correct answers we receive.

Remember, send in your answers via email. No answers submitted in the comment section of this blog post will be considered. Hey, we can't make this TOO easy!

Butterfly Basics

Shop Talk Live listener Robert D. Tronzo wrote in to ask about techniques for inlaying butterfly keys--a rather appropriate question considering this week's show. As promised during our broadcast, here are a list of related articles available at

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Butterfly Key Slideshow

Success with Large Slabs

Asa Christiana
Jon Binzen
Senior Editor
Ed Pirnik
Senior Web Producer
Mira Nakashima
Furniture Designer
Jerry Everett
Nakashima Shop Foreman


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LMNebenist LMNebenist writes: Asa made comment in recent podcast that fw is not big on profiles. That you are a how to magazine. In my opinion, you should have a profile in each edition. How many times can you recycle dovetail or sharpening techniques.? Profiles are all different and interesting. Jonathan's articles and slideshows are near top of my interest list.
Posted: 11:22 am on November 10th

splinters007 splinters007 writes: Due to a demolition and rebuild I'm saving all of our
oak flooring. Everyone of the boards and NAIA are
removed easily but my problem is the varnish has seeped
into the tongue and I'm not sure how to clean it off so
when I reinstall the floor it has a tight fit.
Posted: 7:48 am on October 27th

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