When it comes to turning, most woodworkers tend to think of furniture components like Shaker legs and knobs, period finials, or even chair legs. Most of these processes have the workpiece being turned between two centers, with the grain running parallel to the lathe's bed, a process known as spindle turning. However, there is another fantastic deimension to turning--faceplate turning--in which the blank is attached just to the headstock end with the grain perpendicular to the bed.

In this video, turner Jimmy Clewes takes the mystery out of faceplate turning, showing you how to produce a beautiful platter using only four basic tools (3/8-in. bowl gouge, 1/4-in. bowl gouge, parting tool, and round-nose scraper), in only a few hours.


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For even more information on this companion piece to Clewe's article in FWW #218 (Faceplate Turning is Fun), be sure to check out his Finish Line article on how to Colorize Your Turnings, also in issue #218.