In my article (FW #207) on making a box with contrasting veneers, I take you step-by-step in creating an intricate design made up from four different geometric shapes. However, once you start working with striped veneer you’ll very quickly want to create your own designs. The best way to start is to tape two mirrors together, place them on the veneer and then vary the angle between them to see all kinds of potential patterns.

Then make several photocopies of the striped veneer, cut the images at angles suggested by the mirrors, and then flip and spin the pieces around to create patterns you could have never imagined. Once you have worked out the design using paper pieces you can start cutting the veneer with confidence.

Striped Veneer Patterns

Experiment with paper shapes. Make photocopies of the veneer, slice them into geometric shapes, and then experiment with different designs until you find the one you like.

Photos: Mark Schofield