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There are a number of design and construction options to consider when making doors for cabinets and other woodworking projects.The Basics:• Choose a method of construction: Frame-and-panel doors are the most common option. • Not all doors must be seen:
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  • Router Jig for Perfect Hinge MortisesEditors PickVideo: Router Jig for Perfect Hinge Mortises

    with Matt Kenney

    Simple jigs guarantee headache-free hinge installations in boxes and cabinets

  • Keep Your Doors ClosedKeep Your Doors Closed

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Take your furniture to the next level with handmade spinner latches. Christian Becksvoort demonstrates two go-to latches for cabinet doors—an interior, back-mounted ...

  • How To Build Frame-and-Panel Doors by HandHow To Build Frame-and-Panel Doors by Hand

    by Andrew Hunter

    The doors on Andrew Hunter's country hutch are rock solid. The rails and stiles are joined with haunched through-tenons, which are suited to hand-tool woodworking ...

  • Flawless Hinges in Fine FurnitureFlawless Hinges in Fine Furniture

    by Steve Latta

    Although a butt hinge consists of little more than two pieces of metal connected by a knuckle joint, it can provide a lifetime of service in anything from cabinets ...

  • How to Fit an Inset DoorHow to Fit an Inset Door

    by Steve Latta

    Learn a foolproof approach to fitting an inset door. All you need is basic handplaning skills and this step-by-step method. This is a companion article to Steve ...

  • Make Veneered Doors Look Like Solid WoodQ & A: Make Veneered Doors Look Like Solid Wood

    by Michael C. Fortune

  • Reviving the Tambour DoorReviving the Tambour Door

    by Scott Ernst

    Tambour doors are an elegant and easy way to close a cabinet when traditional doors won't work, or just when you want something different. They are ideal for shallow ...

  • Frame-and-Panel Doors that Stay FlatFrame-and-Panel Doors that Stay Flat

    by Steve Latta

    It may sound obvious, but if you want your cabinet doors to swing freely and stay true, they have to be flat. And if you follow the proper techniques, they will ...

  • How to Avoid Twisted DoorsQ & A: How to Avoid Twisted Doors

    by Christian Becksvoort

  • Glass Doors Made EasyGlass Doors Made Easy

    by Doug Stowe

    Glass doors are great for kitchen cabinets, display cabinets, enclosed bookshelves, and any other project where you want the objects inside to be seen. But conventional ...

  • Curved Door with Flat Glass PlanesCurved Door with Flat Glass Planes

    by Clark Kellogg

    A curved or bow-front feature gives a sophisticated look to a cabinet, but curved glass is expensive. A good compromise is to set straight panes of glass into curved ...

  • Cope-and-Stick TricksCope-and-Stick Tricks

    by Richard Babbitt

    Learn the secret to using rail-and-stile router bits to create raised-panel doors without accumulating a pile of sawdust and test cuts in the process. Richard Babbitt ...

  • Simple Cope and Stick DoorsVideo: Simple Cope and Stick Doors

    with Michael Pekovich

    Learn how to build simple, beautiful cope and stick doors that stand up to heavy use.

  • Beautify Doors With Divided LightBeautify Doors With Divided Light

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Learn to make distinctive glass-paned doors by following the technique Mario Rodriguez used when he made this handsome sideboard.  Rodriguez simplified the construction ...

  • Grilled to PerfectionGrilled to Perfection

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Despite its delicate appearance this display cabinet is rigid and quite strong

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