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Although there are innumerable uses for tables, they all share one thing in common: a surface, typically flat and horizontal, that may be used for working on or eating from. Beyond this there are probably more kinds of tables than there are types of any
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  • Trestle Table with Breadboard EndsTrestle Table with Breadboard Ends

    by Charles Durfee

    Charles Durfee shares techniques and project plans for a classic trestle dining table that will seat up to eight. Techniques covered in this article include hand-cut ...

  • Pembroke TablePembroke Table

    by Jefferson Kolle

    Pembroke tables have been around for a long time; small and graceful, they may be simple or elaborate. Jefferson Kolle shows how to make a simple one with tapered ...

  • Hefty Sofa Table with a Delicate TouchHefty Sofa Table with a Delicate Touch

    by Eric Keil

    This exposed-joinery sofa table is at once traditional and contemporary, as are the processes used to build it. Eric Keil and the architect who designed the piece ...

  • Curved-Leg TableCurved-Leg Table

    by Don Kondra

    Building “swoopy” furniture takes time, but it’s appealing, Don Kondra writes. In this article, he tells how to make full-sized drawings, which he says is the key ...

  • Engineering a Table with DrawersEngineering a Table with Drawers

    by Will Neptune

    Will Neptune’s approach to building tables with drawers is extremely adaptable. Photos of a mock-up he built show the basic components: dividers, doublers, runners, ...

  • Stickley Done LightlyStickley Done Lightly

    by Rex Alexander

    Rex Alexander adjusts a Craftsman table to reflect a lighter, more feminine air out of curly and birds-eye maple. He explains here how he bought the lumber by the ...

  • Designing on the Go: A Coffee Table Takes ShapeDesigning on the Go: A Coffee Table Takes Shape

    by Peter Turner

    Peter Turner turned a request from his sister into a design-and-build process that produced four versions of a Shaker-style coffee table. Each version he built ...

  • My Kitchen TableMy Kitchen Table

    by Tim Gilchrist

    Tim Gilchrist wanted a rugged, yet stylish kitchen table that was strong, sturdy, and portable. He suggests letting your lumber supplier do some of the work by ...

  • Shaker Sewing Stand Remains Stylish, PracticalShaker Sewing Stand Remains Stylish, Practical

    by Robert Treanor

    Robert Treanor doesn’t sew, but he loves Shaker sewing stands. The one featured in this article has three cabriole legs and an underslung, two-way drawer, making ...

  • Build a Harvest TableBuild a Harvest Table

    by Gary Rogowski

    Gary Rogowski had a crowd coming for Thanksgiving and no table to seat them, so he put together a clean and simple tapered-leg harvest table quickly with loose-tenon ...

  • Build a Shaker Round StandBuild a Shaker Round Stand

    by Christian Becksvoort

    The measured drawing that Christian H. Becksvoort includes in this piece on a Shaker round table is by no means definitive, but it’s exceedingly close; he’s built ...

  • Making Dining Tables That WorkMaking Dining Tables That Work

    by Peter Tischler

    When Peter Tischler builds a dining table, he starts by finding out how the owner likes to dine and where the table is going. He makes rough sketches and scale ...

  • Low Tea Table Highlights JoineryLow Tea Table Highlights Joinery

    by C. Michael Vogt

    C. Michael Vogt built a low tea table with sliding dovetails and butterfly keys using both machines and hand tools. His design was influenced by George Nakashima. ...

  • A Shaker Style Drop-Leaf TableA Shaker Style Drop-Leaf Table

    by Greg Isaak

    The table Greg Isaak built was inspired by several original Shaker pieces, but he modified it with Sheraton-style tapered legs. There’s nothing tricky about building ...

  • Building a Trestle TableBuilding a Trestle Table

    by James Merritt Dunlap

    James Merritt Dunlap, who lives in Alaska, made a knockdown trestle table that has self-tightening, shallow-tapered, loose-wedged tenons, good for enduring extreme ...

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