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The term “cabinet” is now generally understood a medium to large size piece of furniture dedicated to storage, which is accessed by doors and may consist of many small drawers or open shelving. The earliest cabinets, however, were specifically designed
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  • Magazine CabinetMagazine Cabinet

    by Chris Gochnour

    The wall cabinet that Chris Gochnour designed holds 100 lb. of magazines, yet doesn’t take up much space. He used through dovetails and wedged mortise-and-tenon ...

  • Craftsman Wall CabinetCraftsman Wall Cabinet

    by Ian Ingersoll

    Get plans and instructions to build a hanging wall cabinet with a glazed door, shelves, and a clever tilting drawer. Techniques covered in this article include ...

  • Entertainment Center in Quartersawn MapleEntertainment Center in Quartersawn Maple

    by Peter Turner

    Peter Turner’s design for an entertainment center avoids bulkiness by maximizing usable internal space and adding soft curves to the exterior. Cranked door hinges ...

  • A Classic Bookcase in the Craftsman StyleA Classic Bookcase in the Craftsman Style

    by Gary Rogowski

    The bookcase that Gary Rogowski explains how to make in this article is just 50 in. high and 31 in. wide, and it represents Arts-and-Crafts style in its joinery ...

  • A Choice of Three BookcasesA Choice of Three Bookcases

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Philip C. Lowe shows how to make three bookcases of varying complexity; which to build merely depends on time, budget, and circumstance. If you need one in a hurry, ...

  • Break Out of the Bathroom Vanity BoxBreak Out of the Bathroom Vanity Box

    by Ian Ingersoll

    Ian Ingersoll says the vanity he designed and details in this article, with its gently tapered and splayed legs, is an outgrowth of the Shaker tradition. He made ...

  • Build a Bookcase with DoorsBuild a Bookcase with Doors

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian Becksvoort designed this small bookcase to carry just a few details -- a dovetailed molding at the top of the case, a mitered base and strip of wood just ...

  • Bookcase Made with Biscuit JoineryBookcase Made with Biscuit Joinery

    by Peter Turner

    Peter Turner’s small, easy-to-build bookcase is modeled after one his great-grandmother owned. It’s simple, and he chose richly figured cherry to set off the wood. ...

  • Building a Veneered ArmoireBuilding a Veneered Armoire

    by Gregg Domek

    Gregg Domek built an armoire meant for audio-visual equipment with simple, straightforward biscuited or screwed joinery. The dimensions of the piece aren’t set ...

  • Build Depth in a Corner CabinetBuild Depth in a Corner Cabinet

    by Philip C. Lowe

    This entertainment center includes design features that lessen its physical impact on the room yet let it remain aesthetically grand. Philip C. Lowe explains his ...

  • Quick and Clean BookcasesQuick and Clean Bookcases

    by John Kelsey

    Much of what John Kelsey builds falls in the useful and sturdy category, though he also does make fine hardwood furniture. Here, he shares a design and technique ...

  • How to Build a Barrister's BookcaseHow to Build a Barrister's Bookcase

    by Jeff Greef

    Jeff Greef rebuilt a barrister bookcase from the early 1900s after it was damaged in an earthquake, and what he learned about it inspired him to build his own very ...

  • James Krenov and FriendsJames Krenov and Friends

    by Jim Boesel

    Show Spotlights Work of Students and Teacher

  • Building a File CabinetBuilding a File Cabinet

    by Patrick Warner

    Pat Warner softened the lines of the file cabinet he built by adding a separate base with shaped legs and using a triangle theme. This piece makes a good learning ...

  • A Cherry Clothes TreeA Cherry Clothes Tree

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian H. Becksvoort was challenged to build a clothes tree to match a pencil-post bed he’d made, but the idea just wouldn’t work on paper. He came up with a ...

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