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Safety Equipment

Woodworking shops offer plenty of ways to get hurt, from airborne dust and chemicals that can lead to chronic health problems to flying chunks of wood or metal that can damage eyes. No matter how careful, woodworkers can’t eliminate risk completely, but
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Articles & Videos for Safety Equipment
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    Trend Routing Technologies - Trend Airshield

    The fan, motor, filter, and battery for this respirator are perched on the user’s brow, but the padded headband makes it comfortable and its ...

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    Triton - Powered Respirator

    This Triton respirator works as a full face shield, a helmet, and provides hearing protection too...

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    Willson - Saf-T-Fit Dust Mask

    The Saf-T-Fit Plus includes adjustable straps, an exhaust valve, and an adjustable nose piece...

    $10 for 28

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