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Marking and cutting gauges are simple but essential layout tools for furniture making. There are several styles, but all of these tools are used to scribe reference lines in wood, either with the grain or perpendicular to it. Gauges have wood or metal
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  • Marking Knife Cuts Wrong BoardQ & A: Marking Knife Cuts Wrong Board

    by Michael Pekovich

  • Tool Test: Marking KnivesTool Test: Marking Knives

    by Steve Latta

    Marking knives are simple tools, but crucial to fine craftsmanship. A good one will cut wood fibers cleanly, leaving a crisp line that's deep enough to anchor a ...

  • Tool Review Video: Marking KnivesVideo: Tool Review Video: Marking Knives

    with Steve Latta

    What's behind the FWW tests, plus the editor's top picks

  • What's the Difference: Pin Gauges vs. Slicing GaugesWhat's the Difference: Pin Gauges vs. Slicing Gauges

    by Steve Latta

    A closer look at these marking tools for scribe lines

  • Great Gifts for WoodworkersGreat Gifts for Woodworkers

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Editors share gift ideas and items on their wish list from cool power tools to basic hand tools you shouldn’t live without

  • Sharpen a Marking Gauge CutterVideo: Sharpen a Marking Gauge Cutter

    with Scott Gibson

    Improve a pin-style marking gauge to mark clean lines across grain

  • 11 Essential Measuring and Marking Tools11 Essential Measuring and Marking Tools

    by Chris Gochnour

    Careful layout is crucial to a woodworking project. Measure or mark a part inaccurately and it almost certainly will cause problems. With that in mind, Chris Gochnour ...

  • Modify Your Marking GaugeVideo: Modify Your Marking Gauge

    with Scott Gibson

    Pin-style marking gauges have a single cutter that will work better with a couple of quick fixes

  • All About Marking ToolsAll About Marking Tools

    by Scott Gibson

  • Choosing Marking ToolsChoosing Marking Tools

    by Scott Gibson

    Marking gauges employ knives and wheels, and each desigh has its advantages. Mortise gauges employ two cutters for parallel lines. This objective overview shows ...

  • Accurate Joinery Starts With a Marking KnifeAccurate Joinery Starts With a Marking Knife

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Whether you’re cutting with machines or by hand, working to a single clean line is essential. Mario Rodriguez works to a reliable scribed line, so it will withstand ...

  • Essential ToolsEssential Tools

    by Michael Dunbar

    Michael Dunbar explains what tools a novice woodworker should purchase first and how to evaluate them. If he had it to do over again, he’d start off by getting ...

  • A Basic Layout KitA Basic Layout Kit

    by Horst J. Meister

    A good try square, a ruler, and a marking knife are the fundamental layout tools that few serious woodworkers can get along without, writes Horst J. Meister. Add ...

  • Marking OutMarking Out

    by Frank Klausz

    Frank Klausz explains how to use, and why to use, a marking gauge. It’s the fastest and most accurate way he knows to lay out lines for cutting joints and to mark ...

  • Cutting GaugeCutting Gauge

    by John Lively

    Unlike the ordinary marking gauge, whose steel scribing pin is designed to mark along the grain, the cutting gauge is equipped with a cutting spur, which should ...

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