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Turning falls into two broad categories -- faceplate turning and spindle turning. Each one relies on a special set of tools and techniques.  The Basics: • Faceplate turning: Bowls, vessels, and other round objects. • Spindle turning: From furniture
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  • A Two-Step Finish for Wood TurningsVideo: A Two-Step Finish for Wood Turnings

    with Teri Masaschi

    Lacquer is durable and quick to apply.

  • Roughing the Outside of a VesselVideo: Roughing the Outside of a Vessel

    with Howard Lewin

    Depend on a gouge and your design eye to create an attractive shape

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Finishing a BowlVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Finishing a Bowl

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 4 of 4: Use a jam chuck to turn a foot and part the finished bowl from the lathe

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Hollowing the InsideVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Hollowing the Inside

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 3 of 4: Learn to cut with the grain and achieve a consistent wall thickness when turning a greenwood bowl

  • Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Shaping the ProfileVideo: Turn a Green Wood Bowl: Shaping the Profile

    with Howard Lewin

    Part 2 of 4: Follow these steps to preserve a natural edge and achieve smooth cuts with a bowl gouge

  • Turning Beads and CovesVideo: Turning Beads and Coves

    with Ernie Conover

    Mastering these two shapes will allow you to turn virtually any furniture spindle

  • Tips for Hollowing End GrainTips for Hollowing End Grain

    by Alan Lacer

    Woodturner Alan Lacer details the use of the hook tool and the ring tool in bowl turning. To master these aggressive cutting tools, Lacer suggests practicing on ...

  • Turned Drawer PullsTurned Drawer Pulls

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Why pay for knobs and drawer pulls when you can make your own, ensuring that every element of your finished piece has been hand-crafted? Philip C. Lowe details ...

  • Four Finishings for TurningsFour Finishings for Turnings

    by Teri Masaschi

    While most finishing materials used on turnings on the lathe are familiar to wood finishers, the methods of application for them are different. This article, written ...

  • Holding Your WorkHolding Your Work

    by Garrett Hack

    You want to control your tools, not waste your energy on work slipping around. Using a solid, flat workbench, Garrett Hack share some ideas for holding down a workpiece ...

  • Turning Bowls from Green WoodTurning Bowls from Green Wood

    by Howard Lewin

    Howard Lewin explains how to turn bowls from green wood in this informative article with step-by-step instructions. Lewin offers techniques for rough-cutting bowl ...

  • Duplicate Spindles by HandDuplicate Spindles by Hand

    by Kim Carleton Graves

    When a project requires turning multiple matching spindles, this method for duplicating spindles by hand will results in finished parts with crisp edges, according ...

  • Bowl-Turning BasicsBowl-Turning Basics

    by Richard Raffan

    The beauty of a well-balanced bowl lies in subtle details, writes Richard Raffan. He explains here how to make a bowl on the lathe in an hour or two. Among the ...

  • Turning Rotted WoodTurning Rotted Wood

    by Robert J. Lentz

    The fungi that cause spalting will eventually lead to rotting if left unchecked. The condition of much of the wood Robert J. Lentz uses falls somewhere in between ...

  • Strategies for ClampingStrategies for Clamping

    by Jim Tolpin

    Jim Tolpin learned the hard way -- in the middle of making a spiral staircase with two laminations – that it’s important to have all the necessary materials on ...

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