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The foundation of any piece of furniture is the base on which it rests. In addition to providing structural support, the base will set the tone for the design. Whether you’re constructing feet or legs, there are a number of options to consider: The Basics: •
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  • Draw Ogee Bracket Feet with Perfect ProportionsDraw Ogee Bracket Feet with Perfect Proportions

    by Dan Faia

    Making ogee bracket feet is a pretty straightforward process, as explained in the article in this issue (FWW 220). But it's important to get the details of the ...

  • Bracket Feet for Case PiecesBracket Feet for Case Pieces

    by Norman L. Vandal

    As a cabinetmaker specializing in furniture reproductions, Norm Vandal has experimented with several techniques for making and attaching traditional bracket feet. ...

  • Making an Ogee Bracket FootVideo: Making an Ogee Bracket Foot

    with Lonnie Bird

    Part 1 of 3: Cut the miter and bandsaw the profile from a classic ogee template

  • A Lesson in Grain DirectionVideo: A Lesson in Grain Direction

    with David Heim

    A College of the Redwoods instructor shares some important insights into reading grain direction when making a curved foot

  • Making an Ogee Bracket Foot: Part IIVideo: Making an Ogee Bracket Foot: Part II

    with Lonnie Bird

    Part 2 of 3: Test fit the assembly and glue up the foot

  • Making an Ogee Bracket Foot: Part IIIVideo: Making an Ogee Bracket Foot: Part III

    with Lonnie Bird

    Part 3 of 3: Bandsaw the ogee profiles in this final step of the process

  • Making Ogee Bracket FeetMaking Ogee Bracket Feet

    by Sam Fletcher

    Small ogee bracket feet elevate a plain jewelry box both figuratively and literally, writes Sam Fletcher. His method of making them uses a standard cove cutter ...

  • Ball and Claw FeetBall and Claw Feet

    by A. W. Marlow

    Alastair A. Stair takes you on a journey across cultures in this history of the ball-and-claw foot and its regional variations, in terms of how the muscles are ...

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