There are times when the tablesaw’s miter-gauge slot is too short for the job at hand. This is especially true when using a large crosscut sled. This attachment extends the slot on the front edge of the saw, supporting the miter gauge or crosscut sled out past the front of the table to make a wide cut.

The fixture consists of a slotted plywood platform, two cleats that straddle the rip-fence rail, and two universal fence clamps (available at Rockler and other suppliers) that fasten the fixture to the saw. Make the platform’s thickness match the gap between the top of the rip-fence rail and the top of the table. Cut the miter-gauge slot into the plywood, taking care to match the width and depth of the slot in your saw table. If needed, add a reinforcement strip to the bottom of the platform. Drill two 3⁄8-in. holes in the front cleat to attach the fence clamps, which tighten on the rip-fence rail.

Drawing: Jim Richey , ,
July 18, 2012