Long-overdue standards that require all newly designed tablesaws to include a riving knife as part of the blade-guard system are making tablesaws safer. This thin, stiff, steel plate is installed from above the tabletop, just behind the sawblade. Much like a splitter, it is meant to prevent kickback, but it offers big advantages in safety and convenience. To find out how the riving-knife systems compared on the newest 10-in. cabinet saws, Roland Johnson looked at the Delta Unisaw, General 650R, Grizzly G0651, Jet 708675PK, Laguna MTS0200-0180, Powermatic 2000, SawStop 31230, and Steel City 35905. Read on to discover how they compare.

Online extra: See tablesaw kickback in action and learn more about how a riving knife prevents it.

From Fine Woodworking #202